My Fair Daisy

Why, my daisy,
Do your petals droop?
Fading, falling to the ground?
And why, my daisy,
Do you bow down to the wind
When gusts growl and roar with rage?

Your beautiful tall stem,
So proud and bold
Is now humble, withering weak
Please, my daisy
Don’t give up just yet!
Less stormy days will come.

Take hope, my Daisy!
Raise your stem high
And lift your petals in defiance
To those grumpy gray clouds!
Drink in the rain of these snarling storms
And grow stout and strong

So when happier days come again
You may reflect the sun
In your brilliant, yellow petals
And ease the gloom of stormy days
In someone else’s heart.

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I love this it is beautiful and has the perfect essence of nature

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