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Kabul falls into sheer peace, Now 'Islam' enters into Afghanistan. Ignorance dies on the battlefield. The peace blows in the morning breeze.
When you lose Remember There will be another blessed day There will be another play
Haiti, Haiti, Haiti, the Land of Martyrs Haiti, Haiti, the Land of Great SlavesHaiti, Haiti, the Land of Ancient BravesThe Oasis that the evil monsters want to betray.
Haïti, Haïti, Haïti, la Terre des MartyrsHaïti, Haïti, le Pays des Grands EsclavesHaïti, Haïti, la Terre des Anciens BravesLa Terre que maints truands veulent trahir.
I have big plans for myself, And anyone who decides To become competition Will promptly get squashed. I know what I want And there's little I won't do To those in my way
I'm not closing the door, so we still in the car. But I have to move forward, grow from afar. Just know I love you, you are always in my heart. In order for us to grow, we have to be apart.
My spirit emanates positive vibes through me. Good nature so pure it shines bright for all to see that its a genuine part of me.
This is a story of trial and strife The silent killer and the bloody knife But this story is not all that is seems No, you must look deeper into what it truly means.   The darkness within that consumes a soul
Olympic queen of bow and arrow Artemis draws and releases Target red, thirty meters Breathe, anticipation  Wishing it onwards In search of gold Pierces true Hear the Cheers
Not forced Victory does not care Your past struggles mean nothing 5 a.m sessions for the perfect application yet you may still fail
All I wanted... I’m just tryna make it through I’m just tryna make a better way  I’m just trying to see you through Nobody knew the pain, all they seen is what they wanted
Dear Fear,   Crippled you have made me past, and dawned with dread in every other thought. Like that which called me, plead  to be a draught that I could drink and find no rest.  
you have many personalities inside your head face full of lead but I'm still not dead I need love I need you I I am no more than a blade of grass no more than a shell cast out of the sea no more
Strive to fight, Then conquer and destroy. To all who know us, This is our creed. When we fall, We get back up. We hit a wall, We leave behind dust. Standing tall with might,
So long ago In the snow The row of faces The cheerful row The stamping horses My calvary Brought the forces To foe's fallacy   With judgement's reign Our arrows aflame
From time to time we all can't see clear , But it was the powerful words that made me hear. Then I began to realize the words that spoke so clear, like I believe in you and yes I am proud of you.
I can say I've been around Sometimes it seems like I can't lift a pound You can't hold me down I know you can't handle me now I am a strong woman raised by a strong woman
Just listening to the rain Reminds me of all the pain The thunder rolls like your lies Why do I find that a surprise
Out of the night that covers me, In the shadows of self unseen, Only the spark can ignite me. As I thank the Higher Power that be, For the courage to be a shining light.
Axe and mattock, hammer and horn Along by many a pike was borne The Spaniard at the head of the row Looked back to check the men in tow And seeing a hardened, flustered platoon
We did it! Lo Logramos! by Christian Betancourt   In the midst of being misled by corrupted crooks We rose above and gathered in peace
Chains tightly cling to my ankles, 
Here I am
I am but merely a pawn on this chessboard of yours my King.
You took advantage of my feeble mindOverpowered my young bones
Gaze into the lens of my life what do you see? You see a young boy who has been emotionally tortured  by those who were supposed to love him. Gaze into the lens of my life what do you see?
She searches for something to fill her soul, everyday digging a deeper hole, a
So let's live, And let love. Where is this coming from? My heart says yes, In you I obsess.   And I'm losing my mind, But I swear that it's fine... Just commit me now,
The shadow s
  Indeed these numerous trials make known their face
How can it be, how can this be
  I've been waiting for a while but I found out that this is my moment, No more stalling because I have become my own opponent, Bearing myself up striving to achieve perfection,
Open windows Open doors Broken glass strewn Across the floor   Out of my prison I do see
There we stood face to face neither one daring to flinch The mirror howling screaming in agony its cries growing more and more and even more intense
Alas! What a troublesome sight this night is, Your silhouette on the wall I idolize, As you dance to and fro, mocking me so,
Sometimes life isn’t easy.Sometimes life isn’t fair.Sometimes your dream is givento someone who is “better”.Society’s wrecked, humanity too.Trusting yourself; seems the only thing to do.
His eyes calculate
The valley is dark and roads are strange
We stand as one; a team. Never backing down from the challange to win; we fight until the end. We live for this, the adreneline rushing through our veins, the excitement that runs bone deep when we crash the net.
The triumph of the meek will beLoud. Crowds of complex hearts pulledOut of dying chests, vests of steel thrown off, meltedDown and welded into cymbals and trombones.The groans and creaks of grief will cease;
Joy is brought when lost dreams are found The life of yesterday buried  six feet underground Today, rise higher and strike the bell Even disturbing memories cannot quell, Our satisfaction   
  And after the storm We will rest in long moments suspended. We will walk with grounded steps On familiar land, And trust our feet to lead us home. We will dress ourselves
  There are people walking in the street A checkered pattern of black and white Trying carefully to be discrete In watching the happy victory sight   A man of honor and happiness too
All people purpose designed by God Where he created us a perfect plan Our divine shepherd guides which path to trod When you are feeling low look to the man Gods love perfected never failed me yet
I'ts more than a game, It's a passion. I step on my mat, hungry for victory. Speed and strength is my disease... I attack like a beast with an assassin's mentality.
As exposed to the perils of the world Thus, we begin our journey. I love this part of the journey: Of nodded heads and friendly shoulder pats Of friends met by dawn And normally a friend ill-met by moonlight
I have seen him weep and I have seen him cry and I have seen him in the throws of victory and ecstasy. Yet, Yet I look at him now, broken and crippled and old. And I see sadness in his eyes.
Your love never fails me. It is everlasting. It is so wonderful that it fills me with hope and love that's so fulfilling. You caress me like a mother that's so caring.
His heart stained the floor a dull red, While his breaths escaped under his bed. Valiantly he fought the war but wound up dead, Although the war was only inside his head. Swords clashed; dragons spit fire.
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