'social justice'

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the last thing we need in this country is division These masks don't protect us' its all a allusion In all reality for the last 5 months covid has broken us down From our businesses to our everyday lives all around town.
I looked up  And I saw Silver County Justice.   Momma looked up And she saw her young black son,
Oh, how I wish to die a white man. My sins forgotten, my legacy cemented "Kind" "Decent" "Civil" "Honest" To die a white man is to die a hero no matter what you do.   Black bodies litter the street.
Racism is an everlasting problem that will never end People are blinded  And so close-minded That they will always play pretend
Every night I look to the stars above Just barely seeing past metal bars Now consumed by rust  
If I get too drunk and catch a case get sprayed with mace all in the face I made them chase   If I'm on the wrong side of the state it is my fate when they come to liquidate  
He created me from the clay that He created you with My heart chants your name My eyes brim with unshed tears
Igniting the fire of love, Was never taught. We are all just bound by the sky, Tryin' to find infinities that might bless the soul.
Upon the killing of a black man The process starts A pistol cracks Twenty-five rounds out of a magazine A black corpse lay in its own blood Dead on the scene This, an end to the beating of a heart
Fires aren't started by struck matches The flame is ignited inside of our past passions Then it burns from the inside out, call it compassion But we still search for answers among the ashes  
This is a letter to the folks who are trying to be woke but still need to listen:  We strive to be Change Agents but we have a fear of being complicatedWe are afraid of being weighted, aggravated and frustrated  We come up with every excuse to ref
Hunger.  You never know it until it strikes.  I saw it in a man's eyes, eating at him,  like the wolf devours its prey.  Hunger.  It's all too common in a society that claims to be "developed". 
Aurora is the definition of beauty- skinny and p-r-e-t-t-y. Who needs a personality when men will fall for your appearance?   Ariel is selfless and brave.
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