SocIal JustIce

Fires aren't started by struck matches

The flame is ignited inside of our past passions

Then it burns from the inside out, call it compassion

But we still search for answers among the ashes


We wear badges like nicotine patches

Slap it on, and hope that the addiction just passes

Doses of justice and mercy soak into pores

But the poor are the ones soaked in our withdrawals, of course 


side affects may include, coppin an attitude

some call it self defense, others might call it rude

some of us work this job to feed our family food

others need the release of superiority when they shoot


hands up, its luck if they come peacefully

cause and effect, gluttony leads to obesity

they are afraid of us, they think we all kill gleefully 

so they fight back, i fight back too, but im the police, you see


prejudice in a person it infiltrates our whole world

if not Cain with a rock, then Kim Jong with a bombshell

Good and bad are incomplete stories that we tell ourselves

some say their viewpoints and others say youre going to hell


i believe in free speech, say whatever the hell that you want

i live by integrity, you can live with pride as your front

there are many roads that take us to our last day

some make it count some let it pass away

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