Tue, 09/29/2020 - 11:31 -- SKY311

the last thing we need in this country is division
These masks don't protect us' its all a allusion
In all reality for the last 5 months covid has broken us down
From our businesses to our everyday lives all around town.
Hides the voices of the youth '
seperates the elderly from the help
Torments children with autism & asthma
Sacrifices our comfort for compliance
Media divides us by skin color & politics by balid
We live in a time where hiding is the new normal
Masks keep us quite
when you dont comply' problems have risen ..
Hiding our face and voice is not part of the solution!
Humans are now considered walking specimens .
We all have a number similar to Hitler times
Keep 6 feet away like that will stop the spread; simple minds
If i don't buy a new mask ' im considered lazy ...
But wear a old one that has bacteria and im helping?
They all have a lack of knowledge while contributing
Now everyone you know is a sick candidate
Go to the store without being declined groceries... it happened to me and my baby..
Have a conversation without social distancing
I bet you'll be fine as long as you pray
These times are causing a greater depression
With a loss of security
Victims brought to their knees by self richious decisions made by our economy.
Conflict of where and why we have to fight this imaginary monster
Learking over our schools and children daily
When will we fight back and take our dignity
sanitizer' alcohole doesn't belong on our skin...
Its stripping us from the antibodies that fight this within
Vaccines are given without a description of what's in them.
Don't let yourself be in denial of the real problem .
Look into what your really standing for ...
Maybe you like to cover your face and keep your distance
But I want to live in a time where I can be myself
Let me live like I have a future
Turn this world around and kill the pollution in it.
Let the people rejoice and be free from economic division and destruction
We are in the zone of the less fortunate
The more we play into fear
The less time we have to go into the right gear
Take control and take a stand
Never let fear define your stance.

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Our world



honestly, i tought of this too