'God'Jesus Christ

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Unable to find the term: Christian witch a contridiction story of my life I am both and for beleving in my God I feel other witches have a harrd time teaching me
I have sat on the throne of envy, yet you oh gracious one love me anyway. Lord God you took away my affliction and removed the chains that ensnared me in utter misery.
We can live with either life or with death. If you live one way you die the other. If you die to one you live with the other. Too often a distortion is placed on what this life may be.
At war with myself in the moment So I lay on my back and stare into the sky   At times like these The outside begins to feel like the inside   At times like these
Oh my lord my word can't impresses you, but  here how i fell about you i've never would of know that i was loss and confussed i was so deep down my in my rotten roots,
I am a child of God, Lord hear my prayers but am I the one not listening I try to figure out the game yet I struggle and cave  I know I am not perfect but isnt that what you came for
In the midst of cheerful conversation and laughter I remembered the bareness that lies ahead and it lies indeed because it fulfills my need for deeper compatibility               
 A spacious sky starts with a vast of flashes of wonder  All colored in a hue of blue. I feel as though I belong over there But no one wants me there.  Everybody wants me to be lost I have no control
A light in my eyes fades As the stain of life stays And they all look up to me.        A broken and failing shell 
On a hill far away, My sins were washed away. On Calvary’s tree, I was set free. On the cross, He exchanged my negativity, For His positivity. Lost, My life was filled with sadness.
In my earliest day 
The sun shines as God approaches,He leaves a beam of light in the dark forest.The beam of light brightens to a shape of a lion.God sent him to shimmer the forest to lustre;
I feel like   I'm drowning.   Lord, I need you.   Be my life jacket.   Keep me afloat.   Reach into the raging waters   And take me by the hand.  
I know who I am.
Jesus, My Captain You have displayed  Love Forgiveness and Grace To make me a woman of God.  Jesus, My Captain You have given me  Family Friends and Community
­­­­anger boiling in me Oh lord when will I be free My dark past haunting me Happiness will i see? It got my cheast heavy Cant breath Why my feelings so slippery Happy now minutes later um angry
I'll always have you Keep you tight within my heart The question is Will you always have me Invite me to every family reunion God I know this isn't how you want me I'll keep saying forgive me
From the beginning, We were meant to ascend. If not for the fruit, God forbidden. Unable to make amends.
I am lost in a sea of minutes and hours I am trapped in a castle, locked in it's towers I am floating through life like a leaf on a breeze I am crushed by my fears and left on my knees  
My heart has been hardened against you, Lord. Calcified remains of a once beating organ. My eyes cannot see you, Lord. Cannot see past the disillusionment of the ages. My map cannot find you, Lord
I feel alone.   I Want to feel like young birds in love singing In the very primitive of Summer . When the weather is enough to make my mood .Cool enough to slow my heart down I want to feel
Have you every felt empty inside, empty is a word of dryness, a word of voids..have you every wonder why the empty voids cant be replace by people or things...
The big guy upstairs is what I like to call him.He has always had my back when I called him.He has always patient with me starting from birth Because I didn't understand who he was and what he was all about.Until I got older and realized he was th
As a child i knew your path I knew how to get there, i wasnt sad Adolescent came and took my way I got lost in all the games.   Can you forgive my sin for i have feared this day,
Before you were formed, I knew you Your fair skin, black hair, green eyes and freckles I took the time to create you uniquely You are the only you I have ever fashioned  
Before you were formed, I knew you Your fair skin, black hair, green eyes and freckles I took the time to create you uniquely You are the only you I have ever fashioned  
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