Who am I

I am a child of God,

Lord hear my prayers

but am I the one not listening

I try to figure out the game

yet I struggle and cave 

I know I am not perfect

but isnt that what you came for

help the broken, lost, and wounded 

weren't you once human too?

thy will be done

I say this every night 

but am I the one pulling




I ask for forgiveness

yet i dont forgive myself

I'm afarid of my futrue

where am I to go

what do you want from me

who am I 

these thoughts fill my mind 

as a reach to grab your BODY and BLOOD 

and say "the body of Christ"

You will gide me 

You will save me 

You are my everything 


I created You 

I know how many hairs are on your head 

I know your suffering,

When I died on the cross

I thought of YOU

 You are worth more than many sparrows.

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