Sundown Dawns on Me No More

In the midst of cheerful conversation and laughter

I remembered

the bareness that lies ahead

and it lies indeed

because it fulfills my need

for deeper compatibility               

for my walls crumbled

when the sheets mumbled

reminding me of

the years of our friendship

that gave me protection

from genuine living


until I heard the bells ringing

aggressively ringing

pulling me in

back to sweet reality

giving me a friend so loving

in Jesus Christ

I found my reviving

soul that once had so much to offer

but He restored this heart so

in Him I will wander

deep in the waters of trust

for he brought my long-suffered life

to a position of just


removed all the lust and dusted the dust

that crippled my heart

and gave me a false

name and face

for it hid every trace

of admirable qualities

that were once so instilled in me


The enemy tried

and although I can’t lie

he had my hands tied

but God ripped apart

all of the ties

of demonical lies


for the Lord holds me now

and my hands are not tied

giving me liberty

so to him I will bow


This poem is about: 
Our world


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