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I am a baker I can make a variety of things   I can make loaves of bread and cookies Like a baguette or macarons   
I am a baker I can make a variety of things   I can make loaves of bread and cookies Like a baguette or macarons   
    A monochrome painting is all that were shown, And all we are taught to believe.   If we dare sketch outside the lines,
The limitless space has a way of making you feel hopeless Earth’s gravity pulls you, compels you Its gentle tug is enough for you to let go, dropping your items one by one
Halfway Outta High School Frozen in time, lost in a drift Preserved by strong resolve alone As the wind blows you fail to shift Instead of paper, you're a stone   I lack this constant qaulity 
Jewels lie upon me everywhere, uneasy life has deteriorated I seek answers mind in delirium for what jewels i may discover somewhere  the days,months, years to come i only seek prancer to carry me a way to wanderlust.
I was nine and in the fourth grade, I was favorited by the teacher and By my peers. I excelled in class and on the playground, I was the one that brought the fun.
fashionable decor onto so much more walk with me talk with me throughout when this you see remember me in parting solace and hidden apathy through silent bulwark or a caraosel with hiden moments of granduer
PAPI Mario (Reaching The Masses)
the remedy is deeper inside of me in heavenly apathy we have come to believe the vested brevity hands, feet & eyes... the duration of conquest, all of life is a test cement shoes & you will sing the blues
Dear ananymous person, This life really does hurt some Throwing me curve balls and those are the worst one Lucky to be alive, but sometimes I feel like I am the cursed son Last year I lost focus of my priority
I found a little fairy someone had discarded on the ground. I picked her up put her in my pocket. Never again will she be alone. She can now sit on my desk as she has found a new home.
early I will seek thee faintly I want to find you in my soul unwhind me all those thoughts that bind me tolerance whimiscal I will fondly flee brevity painted faces etched in stone
alright drop the beats got this fire burning hotter inside of me don't want to get the best of me sitting here drinking my forty why should I worry everything today's a joke including the pope so why we faint
So nobody want to battle me guess we can both agree to disagree see ya on the flip side squeeze gonna knock you to ya knees busy as a bee.. I'm a sharp shooter prefer to get my pets spayed or nuetered nothing further
she was my own at last just her & I feelings of love filled up my soul when I looked deep into her eyes it is then I could see a future together only anothe phone call rings at every Thursday morn
There's a new word on the street that Back in the day we used to pray today you insist it ought not be that way caught up in the mix to dismiss this earthly bliss in a time well spent in thought
Sweat The Technique There's a battle for your mind but you say it's just fine pulling a 9 to your head it's the walking dead Not since the day of creation did we stand with ovation
nature lies dormant amidst its becking plough society is blind you see so I need poetry to face reality to digress in languished thoughts of muse life is a puzzle taking each piece to fit
Dear Juvenility, If only, only when Could I have returned to your restful face Could I, being you protect you from the troubling journey of Adulthood. Protect you, holding you
Awake a pause to meditate on the pay a humble need to bow the knee to pray you came to open our hearts to turn us from Satan onto God
what matters most is a thought that is pure through the duration of time we have created a rhyme deep inside we got pains that hide throughout our life we can undergo a notion of exploration
there is an opening in my heart that will light a simple spark to what we need to know nestled in the very fabric of man's existence is used to shun the resistance at every circumstance... Among the garbage and the flowers
People will unfold hearts will become cold there will be ears dull in hearing sadness in the stars & moon many will suffer in silence amidst the rage in violence people running to & fro tempers on fire as everyone is doing what is right in
The bones are brittle as are the thoughts they crumble events of yesterdays that never happened things that happened not remembered today becomes another time faces and events mingle
as an erection ready to burst inside the sweat of my hand let the reader understand through towers that enncompass a rich epitaph my soul permeates a lasting faith through borrowed pews with the latest news
trapped within the very impulse of our loved beneath the perplexing ambush we close the door of brevity with a slight adjustment of the hand when will we understand
from his childhood dreams out sitting on his swing from his mommas tender means he shed them in his youth while letting loose as the king would grow he had moments to show
who do we seek when the bottom falls out when you can't even think to dismiss this earthly bliss with a time well spent in thought such as the razor's edge we release the stern warning toward one another
The claws of the creature that once tore into the tapestry of my mind are dulled   The unraveling has ceased  but not without leaving behind wide fraying gaps   Weaving together
To the girl sitting by herself in English class:   I saw you today, sitting by yourself I thought it was odd. You usually have so much to talk about And you don't think that we listen But we do.
got a grenade in my pocket so you say Fuck it have to go pee and there's no place to turn well turn turn to the plastic bottle as your friend something you can depend so you throw up in your mouth and you bitch & pout
the weight of the world came crashing down thoughts of suicide and I'm running wild one can climax in a dream with an evil scream all your weight falls on me it brings me down eyes, hands & feet
I go by many names Depending on who calls me. They call me madam secretary, kaif, keith, Nazarene, anak, ate That one girl with that long ass last name The b word, the w word, the abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz word
come with me to a tranquil place alone in the vast silence of your heart there you pray for a full surrender to the one we have to do love has gained it also has lost humanities heaviest of cost
as a child I had dreams with visions in my mind I sought peace from nature & grasp meaning of words asking a lot of questions along life's journey my grandma always said, "Why be in a hurry".
You seem to think your the man with the plan But without God you have nothing to stand Seem to be in control but your really out of it But that's a vice in hom Satan rolls inside we hide behind four wheels that bind
I'm the man on the mic that's my right the virtual Houdini always shining but deep inside I got pain that hides eating away my delivery of who I be so I kick it to the curb at your word
I was once out in the desert with a friend A sandy place with whom one can depend One lone green cactus in the center We have been walking for miles Looking for a rich source of water
You will never do enough for some people in this world cause there being blinded by sin, self & Satan just be the best that you could be you take out the garbage & fold the clothes
Begin The Begun
Every brick is different  each has a name responibility is heavy  not as heavy as insecurity not a heavy as standards  each brick stacks up slowly yet not slow at all each brick yells 
one day all your tears will turn into smiles and all the nights you cried your self to sleep  will be the nights you laughed with your friends those nights you lied awake with no luck in sleeping
I am like a raindrop full of pain.Falling out of the skybecause my life was just a lie.Spinning to the groundwithout making a sound.I knew my life would never last.So now I think of my pastas life around me goes flying past.In my eyes goes memorie
To the Person I was I was self-hating, self absorbed I was a follower I was shy I was quiet I was invisible To the Pearson I am now I am curious I am outspoken I am socially aware I am not sleeping anymore I am the black girl with the fist up The
What am I thankful for? I am thankful I am not in the streets but surrounded by people that love me, not in a gang or or selling dope but always around kindness and hope.
Not all who wander are lost, they say But she will be wandering Every night and day Searching for the girl she wants to be But all she finds is the girl she sees
Sunshine and tired eyes Sleep deprived and fueled on weak caffiene Crumbling smiles and fake laughter Shining stars and weary eyes Insomnia and scary minds Cascading fears and silent cries
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