Toxic Media

Sunshine and tired eyes

Sleep deprived and fueled on weak caffiene

Crumbling smiles and fake laughter

Shining stars and weary eyes

Insomnia and scary minds

Cascading fears and silent cries

Glamorizing illnesses

Sexualizing girls before they are four years old

Body shaming every being we see

Reading lies

Striving for something unreachable

Gazing in twisted mirrors

Believing the harassments

Throwing away confidence

Pleasing others, for their eyes 

Forgetting how to love oursleves

Lost in a horrid world

Losing control

Our bodies were our only canvas 

They gave us the opportunity to decorate it 

Instead, we changed for everyone but us

We destroy ourselves

Creating an immoral catastrophe 

We dress for society 

Instead of evolving into our own person

Plastic figurines

Robotically under all the trends

Melting away indivuality 

We have sold our canvas

Burning all the paint

Exploading into rejects 

Trapped in a box 

Numbers ruling our minds

No room to speak

Toxic media captivating our souls 

Until there's nothing left of us

This poem is about: 
Our world


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