2016 My Year in a Poem

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All I want is to speak, but I am afraid what you’ll think of my voice Instead, I reside to the shadows where I may speak without regret
Two-thousand and sixteen Crowned one of the worst years in many peoples’  eyes For many it was a year of distress, chaos, uncertainty For me it was a year of self-discovery, growth, and learning   January
One man in a special year This wasn't an average year But who could say is every year But see this year The year of 2016 was special for one special man
Before us, it was me.   A hollow house stood on top of riches wider than the eye could see; Nothing would stop me from knocking on the door of the bourgeoisie. The thought of experiencing poverty was frightening,
The Paradox That Was 2016 Your 2016.  My 2016. The year of attacksThe year of deathThe year of Trump.
Death comes calling me “Surrender little girl” in my sleep he echoed I do not respond back, Though life is too short He creeped into my life with these terrible things: Bullies, threats, and sexual assaults
Expectations coaxe fears into reality. Hide behind the beveled glass. Responsibility ruins entitlement. Summer still hazy in my sights. Falsely rose, greying at the edges.
Twenty. It’s not a hard burden to bear. But bent steel is never the same. Be it from six years ago or six days ago, bent steel is never the same. The fear from the robber’s machete…
I'm a Jew, this is true, So no, the year is not new, I'm still in my year, our calendar goes by the moon. It's going alright, I haven't heard back from the University yet,
A radical Oompa Loompa or a Wealthy little liar… Ah I can’t decide; I think my brain is on fire! What about Jill Stein, she agrees with my stance!
I wish I could pick and choose, sift the golden moments from the silt,  and disgard the less valuable.    I wish I could blot them out,  scratch ink across heartache,
Change is inevitable  It can haunt us Like a demon in the night You can try and take flight But somethings you must grow with From years of being a witness To the abuse, it was all a mess
The world anticipates the new year to forget what has gone past but in 2016 we had many firsts and certainly many lasts   Now we came into the year expecting a fresh start
The numbers 2016 will forever be engraved into my mind, Not because of me being confined, But in truth, I became defined, By all of this year’s problems combined.   2016, it started simply divine,
January brought resolutions Resolutions that I planned to accomplish Accomplishments that never came because of self doubt Doubt that stemmed from lack of self esteem
Girl in her own city’s bubble Filled with In-N-Out and beaches Finally breaks free To see a whole new side Of the world That has its own bubble
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