Terrible 2K16

Thu, 01/05/2017 - 22:45 -- aphanly

Death comes calling me

“Surrender little girl” in my sleep he echoed

I do not respond back,

Though life is too short

He creeped into my life with these terrible things:

Bullies, threats, and sexual assaults

He didn’t win, for I have chosen Life

Though he calls for the valuables:

Mom, Austin, Briana, and Peanut

Mom fought and fought with Death, though won

Came Austin, my best friend,

Death held in his arms

Came Briana she goes,

Who fought, but lost

He came for my son

My precious, auspicious, who now is a fictitious

My Peanut the squirrel, he kidnapped in my sleep

The cure to my depression

The reason for my smile

Now gone, gone, gone

Depression, oh depression

Now back for the haunt

Leaving me to a challenge

Must I have to choose an answer?

Swollen, damped eyes, have I cried for days?

There’s a river in my room and my body covered in marks

Death came around on November 23rd,

a request he made

Through his ghastly hands

With a huge grin on his face

He asked for a date

Knife in the right hand

Pills in the left hand

Which one should I chose?

Does it have to be now?

I took a big gulp of the pills in the left

Then cops came to save me

Through the call from my friend,

Death vanished and lost

Life begged me to stay

A chance to resurrect, I guess, but through 2k17

Oh, terrible 2k16,

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you so

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