One man in a special year

One man in a special year

This wasn't an average year

But who could say is every year

But see this year

The year of 2016 was special for one special man

But all say their special but this man,this special, man, lives inside me

This man sees what I see

This man does what I do

This man is particular to me

You see this man believes he has the world figured out

Though the world doesn't have itself figured out

No know it all he knows

He just discovered himself this special year

Life moving for this special man

Even though much has changed around this man

Paint a picture of who what's going on 

You see this man is a senior in high school

He comes from a mother that lives off a teacher's salary

With this man and a little brother to feed

So this man has alot of weight on him growing up plus he is the oldest child on his mother side

So just to take weight off his mother back he goes to work everyday

This man is a popular man, many friends surround this man

Years man not only helps his mother, out is in watched daily

For not only is this man a business man, but over the summer this man of the special year 

This man won $ 1,000 start-up business grant

Not only his peers love him, adults and teachers love him

This man is on his best behavior

If a man sneezes the wrong way he's gonna get a bad name on him.

But see what everybody doesn't notice about this man is he's also trying to find out who he is in the process.

From being a kid to a young man.

So yes this man is smiling but when he is alone he's crying in the inside.

He's constantly thinking what's going to be next, what big thing can he do.

What can make his classmates happy.

What can make his teachers happy. 

What can make his family happy.

But see every time he was doing so he was falling in a deep hole and he was suffocating himself.

Until he was almost out of breath.

But see a light shinned on this special man before the year ended.

That light whispered in the young mans ear and it said "be that special young man that makes the young man inside of you happy."

The young man looked at the light like "really that's all you had to say, I'm about to die inside."

But you see, the young man thought to himself about what that light said.

On that pivotal day that young man picked himself up and reached for that light as high as he could.

He did not only accomplish every goal he wanted

but he was being himself and happy while doing it.

That's why that year was special for the special man.

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