The Mind: Complex, Confused, Empty

All I want is to speak, but I am afraid what you’ll think of my voice

Instead, I reside to the shadows where I may speak without regret

The room is completely lit, yet I still manage to live among the shadows

I only whisper though

A whisper, hardly


I’m staring at a crowd, though it be a small crowd, I am frightened

I can’t make it to the darkness… the warm, comforting darkness

I, instead, have to face the crowd

I face the mob

The riot


I keep getting smaller, but fortunately the shadows get larger

I can’t keep up with myself. I can hardly even breathe

All I can do is think. I think quite often

Maybe I think too much

Maybe not


I tend not to enjoy much. I despise the complex things in life

I gaze upon a dog pursuing a helpless rabbit

I can save the rabbit, but I do not interfere

I enjoy the chase for what it is

I admire the rabbit


Traveling has alway been a dream of mine. I often travel through the shadows

I dream of exhausting journeys. Perhaps I’ll be the new Marco Polo

I do travel a lot, but I never seem to go anywhere

In fact my travels seem quite pathetic

Well, they’re just different


A newborn arrives. We cannot look though, for the fruit is blinding

The older children shimmer as well, but not for long

With so much light, one could wonder … One could wonder quite a bit

The sun was long gone, so we were left basking in the brighter alternative

There I was

Lost In the shadows

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