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Because I love you I listen to you  Because I love you I support you  Because I love you I challenge you  Because I love you I pray for you  Because I love you I’m here for you on your worst days and your best days
Our laughter  And smiles  Follow me like ghosts  
I want you to tell me your worries I want you to tell me your fears I want you to be independent I want you to see all your peers   I’ll never pry or snoop
All my life I've lived for other people,  what they say about me, how I should act around them,  how I should change myself to make them happy with their insecurities, Maybe its because I care too much...
The lily is the flower for a home. But Californian poppies make me feel so home sick Roses make me angry, and any flower from Britain Is a flower for a whore.   But lilies
Because I love you, I am faithfulBecause I love you, I am kind and patientBecause I love you, I pray for you dailyBecause I love you, I am not selfishBecause I love you, I am not easily angeredBecause I love you, I am understandingBecause I love y
One breezy summer day -  the smell of fresh-cut grass staining the air - you're running late to class I'm walking out of class and just like that: CRASH! The fateful encounter - 
Sometimes after hot showers,I lay on the carpeted floor of my small apartment.There is nothing to it, but I like to do it.
Heaviness filled my heart as each day goes by.The thought of you gives me an electric chargeI wish for it to be divine but yet it hurts like hellThen I keep wondering wasn't it suppose to be magicalAs we do watch it in the movies?But the only chem
I know how this will end No matter how it began We will never be friends Starts with a hi, ends with a kiss You're in my bed, soon you'll be missed Because you don't intend - to stay with me no
Affirmation Affirmation Affirmation        Seeking attention         Seeking acknowelegement          Seeking proof of my worth Truth Lies Likes                Who am I?
How do you piece together a puzzle of a conversation? Keep the topic as light as a feather be careful, be patient. Caution, beware of the impression of coming off too much like you care:
Never have i thought  I would find love.  I swear you were sent from up above.  My expectations for finding love were very low. But finding  you has change that.
She's destined for greatness  Yet no one sees I'm a supporter When it comes to her dreams  She is determined to be the best Though sometimes she fails  I know in my heart 
You made my eyes smile  thoughts flutter  heart beat quicken    you made me forget my worries  made me feel warm inside embraced me with your thoughts    effortlessly made me smile 
what we have is a cautious love as though one misstep could make me fall but i've already fallen for you   you take my hand and my breath catches like a snag on a sweater
Empty is more than just my heartIt is the blank pages meant for artThat in your absence I've torn apartTo erase the ending before the start   
I read you like one of my very own poems I see my reflection in your skin at 3am my words dripping from ink on your arm I have you memorized the viens in your hands 
People come and people go. Relationships—are they worthwhile? Memories last forever, though.   He grins and, winking, says hello,
When I was born the stars told me that I was going to be everything I wanted to be. They spoke so soft ad kind I knew that discovering myself would be hard to find.
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