Maybe It's My insecurities

All my life I've lived for other people, 

what they say about me, how I should act around them, 

how I should change myself to make them happy with their insecurities,

Maybe its because I care too much...

Maybe its because i'm insecure myself.

The signs to an unhealthy friendships were endless, but I chose to ignore them,

Putting me down to make themselves feel better,

Saying things about the way I lived or my home, to go as far to assasinate my character,

those were the signs I needed not to ignore.

When you put your all into someone, you want them to give it back

and when they don't you self- reflect thinking about how you acted,

you try harder to please that person, when in all reality your chainging yourself,

healthy freindships/ relationships have a different kind of feel,

Your happy that this person is around you and cares about you,

your happy this person took time out of their day to ask if you were okay,

you and that person feed of each other positively not negatively,

you can let your can let you gaurd down and tell them your deepest secrets,

 those are signs to a healthy friendship/relationship.

The words because I love you should mean that this person really appreaciates your being,

They listen to what you have to say or how you feel , they dont twist or use your words against you,

they show that love is real, and give you there all, not half and treat you with the most respect,

Most importantly they see you... 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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