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The river runs fast Like your growing love for me But it dies faster 
I thought my lips had broken and my hands had burst to flames. When I think of you, you're the one to blame. You messed with my mind  you wasted all of my time. You think you broke my heart?
Love is not just a noun or a verb. It is an action, a feeling. 
In a Heartbeat Dermal contact like the strike of a match sending a river of ions down my bundle of His.   The bed creaks like
He was confused It didn’t make sense to him A perceived established reality Conformity of confused sexuality A deformity of needs
I miss you but how could I tell you that? I have tried and I know that the words I have said were simply “I miss you”But what I meant when I said them..
Because I love you, I will pick you up Because you're upset, I will cheer you up Because you fell, I will help you up Because you're wet, I will dry you up Because you're messy, I will clean you up
I anit talking about marriage I’m talking about a fling. You light my candle with your flame and you make me believe.
Love- A beautiful thing.   To the world, And all it contains-   Love: When you see her crying Out in the streets, Out in the rain, Water streaming down Her face-
Hammer Head Toast With A Jar Of Spam
It is hard to decipher Exactly what love is, But I surely know What it isn’t.   Love is not just what you say - It’s how you say it. I can say “I love you” in a hundred inflections;
Do you know what love stands for? Technically, it’s a chemical reaction between two people Where they believe their feelings surpass all else And blah blah blah That is too scientific for this poem Really
On Monday, our relationship resembled one in a romantic movie. Your arms lovingly embraced me, your mouth praising my beauty. On Tuesday, I noticed your grip loosen, your eyes burning bright.
A smile, a kiss, a hug, a nonverbal mode of communication that is gently expressed towards another person.   A sweet and endearing notion of showing that other person that you are aware and appreciative of their presence.
Because I love you, I hear your cries  And I use myself to dry your eyes Because I love you, I make you laugh Circumspectly leading you down the most joyous path  Because I love you, I let you sing 
" I love you , you know that right ? Why don't you do what I say? "  " I love you, so don't talk to that guy anymore."  " I love you, so I know whats best, don't eat that cupcake, you don't need it." 
Some people say: "What makes a good friend?" "Is it a good personality, teamwork, smart and stuff?" That's broad, because I think there is way more than what they say.  
“Because I Love You”   I met you walking home one day You smiled at me and walked me to my door I thought to myself, why me?   You asked me nervously
Come take out your bible Let us start a revival Unification is the plan Grab your bothers hand We shall all live to understand The drunkard in the gutter is still are brother
Dancin' into a beautiful goodmornin', and playin' to a beautiful goodnight. The passion is like no other A fire of pure delight. Sharin' from the weakest of detail To the diary of a your universe.
Craving the attention, We fall into temptation, The art of loving is hard to achieve will it be forever or stop my heart from beating? I crave the love I seem to see Wait, is this how it's supposed to be?
  Young Juliet wasn't looking for another boy to fall in love with. Her heart was already tainted and broken by the last boy claiming to be a man.  
Thanks for letting yourself back into my life.    The beats of the music you sent me  swing in my mind like a pendulum  they envelop my mind, 
Before we lay our heads to rest we always say 'Goodnight' Even when the day is bad we're always hugging tight Carefully, we watch and have each others back Artfully, we provide what each other tend to lack
When they come you may never know for when they speak it will surly show creative minds and beautiful flow, dont underestimate what they bestow   Everyday they pass by one in love while the other cries
Once upon a time, I believe it was a Thursday when you held the door For me, I had walked into school, with you coming in after me Flash forward and we'll be roaming these school halls together 
It looks like being in love Doves flying in the air with no care Good love is feeling it Feeling like your wanted Feeling like crying of joy Not toying with emotions Everything in slow motion
Sirius   My moon, my stars My sunset, my night sky In my eyes you shine brighter than Any new moon in the night time. My heart, my soul
breathless pant into the leaves through the somber tender moment my heart permeates an escape we have come to far not to turn around now whispers through the corridor
Single is the relationship I present myself in, and I resent the sentiment of loneliness I feel within,   It's this surreal sensation i've had no affiliation with,
love does not manipulate it does not try to win for love is sacrificial but does not always give in love is made to share among your family and your friends but none should abuse the sacred gift
No matter what I may say, I do not hate you, I do not hate you, I love you, And the only person I truly hate is myself Simply because I thought you were different,
I'm a black and beautiful girl who knows her qualities. Everywhere I go I can see how they look at me. Other girls hate me. They said that I'm not a pretty girl, but no they just jealous of me and I don't know why.
set a course to a horizion & I'm not lying some how deep down inside I need love bad taking my ride down to the beach Relish in the noise folks out of reach inside I have my thoughts being scattered can you gather
Once upon a time There was a beautiful peasant With a golden mane like that of the lion and caramel skin kissed by the blazing sun
Once upon it was just our love How unfair, maybe it wasn't. Migth have been once real. But our love that was probably never real. Found something real that's out of touch.
As that pink blush Creeps to your cheek,My knees go weak.Tears spring to my eyes When I see that smile Spread across your face.The fluffy laceStrung to your dress Makes you look even more Like a princess.The fresh May flowers Sit by the doorAlong
Maybe we were lost in translation Maybe I said too much and maybe we could have been a masterpiece Till we tore it all up You were there it was rare  Running scared
I’ve watched this happen time and time again. I love so passionately. I encourage so desperately. I patiently deconstruct every single wall, that prevented me from having you truly experience what it is to be yourself with me.
Here we go again  Watching the autumn leaves  Falling down like confentti into place And I know you'll be long gone soon And I'll try to be okay again But I'm not fine yet at all
One day I will make you proud I will make all your dreams come true I will channel back into the younger me Who wasn't afraid of anyone or anything Even though I am still fearless I fear some things
Who could love such a beast you might ask But you are wrong to be asking For you should love with your heart Not those brown eyes That you use to see through everything but my heart
Juliet, where ever shall thee be  Romeo Juliet is in her room Well then I must goest to her  Romeo she is almost dead you shall beest late yet again 
My love for thee is deep as thee cause boy you´re worth it but your not worth it thus you don´t deserve me let me love thee  
Feminism isn´t just equality with men, politics, or the economy Feminism is how we as women All treat eachother Cause when we´re mean It gets hella scary Feminism starts with eachother
one day all your tears will turn into smiles and all the nights you cried your self to sleep  will be the nights you laughed with your friends those nights you lied awake with no luck in sleeping
You and I we´re made of broken glass broken dreams broken hope bitter dust burnt to ashes stuck in a timelapse of what we could have been  could´ve done should´ve said
Darling bandaids can´t fix broken hearts but you come with a bandaid anyways for it is I you can´t forget and then you hand it to me I remember you said I´m sorry for everything I did
Each day you wake up  and each day the pledge is heard some stand up and put their hand on their hearts but others stay seated For is it really true? One nation under god with liberty and ¨Justice¨ for all
Mental Illness
I had a heart And you stole it But I was not a thief I tried to go where Unguarded But yet you Hid from me A heart you stole Gone forever But yet it be disclosed
Adieu, I bid thee, I bid thee, away, So long as my love Permit me to stay Away, shall you roam, Me sending you there No more, no less, Oh lover's beware, A wind, a song, So long as
I was a filter Taking in the darkness and unable to let go All light would pass through I tried to grasp at its intense unknowable beauty Because I knew it was precious and needed
For the first time, I got to hug you, to hold you & to call you mine. I did something last night I never thought id be able to do. For a moment I was yours & you were mine.
Heart thrums wildly, To the beat of the music.   Fingers thump loudly, Dancing to the drums.   Feet tap noiselessly, To the rhythm in the air.   Bodies sway side to side,
I LOVE YOU   I love you now I'll love you then. From the start And till the end. Your more to me Then my girlfriend. I love the rainbow In your hair. Your sympathy shows
"She's too young," they say.
Silence by: Natavious Lewis Constantly spiraling in a whirlpool of words My breath encapsulated by the art of combining pencil and paper
Through the long classes,  filled with intoxicating noise-pollution  and fading attention, we found mutual adoration, then love.  Remember, my crass stubbornness created us;
One time I talked to a stone wall, and it was just like talking to you. Except without the interuptions. I say, Hey, Wall, what's happenin'? You think you're trapping me,
Being a poet to me is letting the world hear your thoughts and see your pain.  Being a poet to me is expressing the times your heart being cut and wounded countlessly times.
Everybody was once a babyDo you ever think of that? That the strongest person you knowWas once a fragile baby That the most evil person you knowWas once an innocent baby
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