Because I Loved You

Once upon a time, I believe it was a Thursday when you held the door

For me, I had walked into school, with you coming in after me

Flash forward and we'll be roaming these school halls together 

The way you look me in my face, as to say...

When I stare at your eyes and you're already looking into mine

In attempts to say; you like me too

I'm up on stage, and you're standing right behind the curtains on Stage left

You got your eyes on me

I can feel them

Then you turn around to leave and you walk behind the curtains

And now I'm nervous I don't know where you are, or where you even went for that matter 

You could be in the crowd for all I know 

I'm freaking out now, I'm the star all eyes on me

Why must they stare, I wish they’d stop I’m not quite the view 

Nor am I worth the staring at 

I recall camera flashes from a different day 

Ever since, I’ve hated knowing people are staring at me

Yet I start my script, after what felt like ten years I realized I was done

I had run out of lines 

Afterwards it was your turn to shine

And cause I loved you at the time; you had been great in my eyes

People said you weren't, and I told them you were 

Later that year we had gym together 

And I would get there extra early just for you

So I could catch you looking over at me

You didn't know I was right there, on the inside hoping that you would come up to me and say something 

Like Idk “how’s the weather”

“I heard the sky would be dark and gloomy”

“That is if I don’t get to see you tomorrow; in which case they said the sky would be the most beautiful it ever was”

It's 1:28 am and I’m in my room on July 9th

You’re telling me I seem like such a sweet girl

and how you can't wait to get to know me

I'm telling I hate you now

And hates a strong word but I mean it when I say it to you

Cause I'm just so scared

Never knew it could be like that

You tell the boy you like him 

And his feelings somehow match yours

So you freak out 

Because why would anyone ever

Pushed you away; acted like I hated you

And stupid little you believed every word I said 

Every single word

I leave this page blank cause 

It might have been the end in that moment

But because I loved you or so I thought 

I hope one day we'll meet again

When we’re  older and it's been long in the past 

And we'd start again and you would say 

Because I loved you, I never forgot you

Every night at 1:28 am I would think of you

Come July 9th and I would play my song while reading that poem 

Our hearts still thinking of each other 

And he might just be enough to make me forget you for a while

But because I Loved You I never will

Would ever 

could never...

Already Have


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