Because I Love You

“Because I Love You”


I met you walking home one day

You smiled at me and walked me to my door

I thought to myself, why me?


You asked me nervously

“Do you want to see a movie?”
I smiled but still I thought

Why me?

You placed your hand on my knee in the theater

It felt harmless and delicate

Something unfamiliar to me


I quickly became infatuated with you;

Your eyes shone like the sun reflecting off the ocean water

Your smile filled me with a comforting feeling

I wanted to never leave your side


The first time you told me you loved me

I was frightened

Would you still stay, even if I couldn’t say it myself?

You told me you’d wait for me

Because You Loved Me


I started falling apart more and more

My past tormented my every waking moment

It told me: “You don’t deserve him. You don’t deserve love.”

I was convincing myself I was this ugly, shell of a human being.

But you persisted.

You told me that I was beautiful.

You held me in your arms when I sobbed and told me it was okay to cry.

You told me you loved me and would never leave me.


You listened to my worries

We’d sit on  your bed in sweatpants,eating junk food and laugh at each other’s jokes

I felt beautiful around you

Our dates to the movies felt like flights to Paris

Eating greasy burgers and garlic fries was like eating caviar and gold leaf

I felt loved around you

You humored me, you let me paint your toes and you did face masks with me

You wrote me love letters, took polaroids with me, and gave me thoughtful gifts

I felt whole with you

I asked you, why?

Why do I deserve all of this?

I’ve shown you the worst of me?

You smiled and brushed my hair out of my face

“Because I Love You”


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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed! Truly powerful! Keep sharing keep sharing! The world needs your expression! Keep sharing your life your mind your heart!

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