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Gripping and pressing down on the curves of my wrists I could feel the fabric of his bed beneath me The soft sheets similar to the touch of my crib A 1-year-old giggling and amused at the mobile above
live in the moment and have some fun you're blind, you're naive, you never listen get crazy and wild; worry when you're done mind's empty, heart's dull, but your soul glistens  
I am not a virgin, but I am still pure. I am not a warrior, still, I'm fighting a war. Ink against white paper, stained and beautiful. I am an outsider but my heart is still full.   
I tell myself that it's just a little bit of spotting A teeny bit of unsustained bleeding Nothing more But it's much more than that It's almost like we're trying for a pregnancy   Again
Virginity:   By Shanti Lunita Bartz   We braced ourselves, Dear bodies, For the breaking and the bliss.  
Innocent eyes, hope alive, secret desires, tongue tied, plastic smile, Manipulative mind, genuine heart, conflictive thoughts, emotions rot,
12/28/2016 As flesh clad together turn in my mind, Something I’ve abstained from and so I find,
His hazel soft eyes were enticing, Flashing their way through her soul. The feel of the valve.. A sure way to tell..! She couldn't stop the gaze Locked in his cage... It was forever.
There was a shooting star So it had to be fate That I would let you fuck me   Romanticism isn't dead John Mulaney, a walk in nature, 
With a knife like wind I too shall sweep into you And cut what's most dear.
I guess the reason I am the way I am is that from a very young age my vision of the world was cracked from sleepless nights  until dawnless mornings. I tasted my first sip of alcohol at a very
Our sweet generation lost in space Fuck you to the moon Pissing out of widows and raping the world in a single glance   Can you imagine all puckered lips and spit flying
She sighs. I sigh. I'm looking at her, into those pretty green eyes. Kiss me, she says. And I do. Take off my clothes, she says. And I do. She tries to speak again but hesitates
There is a surge in the universe When you are in a moment completely, When you meet a soul in that moment too. When I shared infinity with you.  
Everyone is so obsessed with virginity.  They ask: Are you still a virgin? How come? You're not? Who'd you lose it to? When? Where? How? But I ask back  
In the moment, all I wanted was you I was drunk on your smell, your taste, your empty words Your touch was gentler than I thought it would be Your intensity sent shivers down my spine, which
a precious gift made to be cherished by one
It's hard to think     that I was addictedto something so pure     like loveor maybe even lustbut that momentwhen you rushed inside me
in a room where darkness is like a thick mist in the air i slowly slip off his shirt i caress the smooth skin on his chest his neck my lips lock his as he unzips my jeans 
I never told myself that I would wait Nothing against the people that do It’s actually a good character trait But it’s over, it’s done, I did it with you And now a little part of me feels somewhat consumed
In every woman's life, Love is a must. Some men just think that means lust.   Forget her figure, and her face. I swear some men are just a disgrace.   Love is a feeling, a heartfelt passion,
you pull me into a web of reasons why we should you say its not that big of a deal
  You deserved my first more than anyone else I retired her love like a toy upon the shelf But the relief was I saw the defects And although she’s gone I still see the effects  
“You smell like cigarettes”, she said.   “That’s because I smoke”, he said.  
As she danced for her audience of one, beads of sweat dropped from her hair.-I danced for him, like I never had before.
I can't believe it you are gone !  I had you for 15 years then I met him! I thought he was the one! I knew I was young, but I found out late that I was dumb! I just fell in love with him! I was in too deep!
(poems go here) A Wish From the Heart By Kayla Logan Star light, Star bright, First star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might Have the wish I wish tonight.
Innocent. Such a connotation, as if there is only innocent and guilty. Guilty of what? Of love? Of curiosity? Of experience? Does it matter that I have been loved before you?
Yesterday I dug out the box I hid when I was 15. It was covered in dirt, worms crawling on it, and smelled like a dirty homeless man. I was confused, though. I didn’t know how to open it. I completely forgot how it worked.
If I were to be perfectly honest with myself, I would have to say too many dead bodies fertilize my mind’s garden. Every nook and cranny between the roots is filled with soiled insecurities.
Finger tips gliding up her dress, She didn’t like the feeling of hands on her hips. His lips spoke sweet words that melted in her mouth. His passion was poison to calm her soul down.
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