A Wish From the Heart


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(poems go here) A Wish From the Heart
By Kayla Logan

Star light, Star bright,
First star I see tonight.

I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight.

I wish I wish, with all my heart,
To find true love and never part.

Quite a wish you have their my dear,
Are you saying that you have fear?

Fearful, Dad? Why would that be?
Don’t I just wish on the first star I see?

Sweetheart, I know that it’s no easy task
To find the kind of love that will last.

You see many things have to take place,
To be in accordance with God’s grace.

Only you’re Father in Heaven above,
Can provide you with the one to love.

Daddy, how will I know that he’s right?
By keeping the perfect will of God in sight.

This is not easy though, for you have to wait,
Till God says, it’s the right place and date.

But how to know that doesn’t seem fair,
It’s almost as if He does not care?

Others around me have someone,
And I am sitting here with no one.

My dear, in your case, patience is the key,
To finding out exactly, who is meant to be.

It will not always be easy my dear,
But in the end God’s choice is clear.

You will know who God has for you,
Just as your mother and I also knew.

Oh, Dad please tell how you did know,
Did the love of God come to show?

Your mother and I met and knew God had a plan,
And we were willing to wait and to trust His hand.

Our meeting was chance by the world’s view,
But for God it happened right on cue.

The timing was perfect, though not in our eyes,
Because of the evil that caused our hearts sighs.

The tears that your mother did cry that eve,
Was the hardest I have ever had to receive.

But daddy, you saved her from that bad guy,
And on your shoulder she was able to cry.

I know my dear and you are much too little,
To understand how she was in the middle.

One thing that you can understand though,
Is that God had a purpose even when we don’t know.

God doesn’t have to tell us His reasons and dreams,
We just have to trust Him, no matter how hard it seems.

Because my child, it is hard to trust in God above,
However, He is the only One that has shown real love,

He sent you His One and Only Son to die,
So that our redemption He could buy.

Daddy, I know that we have talked about it before,
Jesus loves me and I am saved that’s for sure.

Because I asked Him to come in and change my life,
And to help me learn how to live and deal with strife.

That’s the best gift you could give me, for certainty,
To know that you will be with Him in eternity.

I am happy to give it to you daddy, I know God loves me,
So that is why I can trust Him for everything you see.

Honey you are exactly right and there is nothing more,
Than the love of God that will make you sore.
Daddy, I want to do my very best for God,
No matter if other people think that I am odd.

I want to live exactly how God would choose.
My life and testimony I greatly want Him to use.

The best thing my dear is that God will and can,
Use our life if for Him you will choose to stand.

No matter how hard or how long you have to wait,
I know Daddy, God will provide me the perfect mate.

But is it okay if I still wish upon that star,
Because I know my prayer goes much more far?

I believe that is perfectly fine because as you understand,
That God is the only One who holds your perfect plan.

Oh good Daddy, because I love to have wishes and dreams,
It like God’s will is a little closer, at least that’s how it seems.

I understand so wish your heart to God away,
As God loves you, I love you is all I can say.

I love you too Daddy, thank you for being there,
For taking the time, for it shows you care.

I care because God gave you to me,
A precious gift to take care of you see.

I must be willing to guard you heart,
For only God and your husband to take part.

I thank God every day for you,
And only God knows that’s true.

I wish to protect you for the One God chooses,
And I am privileged to be the one He uses.

So sometimes when it doesn’t seem fair,
Understand that I am listening to the Heir.

I can see and trust his perfect plan,
Even though we can’t see His hand.

I know Daddy you and God both love,
With only a love given from above.

I will choose to abide in your will,
And to trust God, and stay still.

Even though it may take time,
To be robbed of His will is a crime.

But for now I will have fun wishing on my star,
Knowing that God and His will is not too far.

So…. God my star light, star bright,
The very first star I see tonight.

I wish may I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

I wish I wish with all my heart,
To find true love and never part.

No matter how long I have to wait.
I want you to pick the one and date.

Cause that’s the only way to know,
That the love in my heart will show.


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