Sexual Commonality

Gripping and pressing down on the curves of my wrists
I could feel the fabric of his bed beneath me
The soft sheets similar to the touch of my crib
A 1-year-old giggling and amused at the mobile above
Nakedness at this moment had a shameful taste
Unlike my baby skin exposed to the warm water of a bath
A 3-year-old dancing in bare diapers
Bodies intertwined I could feel the heat between us intensify
The heat felt like me as a playful little one
A 6-year old chasing the friends who wouldn't be around for a lifetime
His eyes meeting mine
Who would be the first to give in?
A 10-year old having staring contests as a pastime with her classmates
He whispered an “I love you” lie into my ears
Different from the truth that came from my parents’ “I love you”
A 14-year-old having promises fulfilled
Hours after Plan B fell into my lap
It wasn’t Plan B, my backup college
A 17-year-old choosing a second choice option
Naive and clueless mindset disappearing
I’d had given him the last common factor of what my adult self had with that child stranger.

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