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We have a special bond that no one will ever take away I cannot see my life without him The day he came to my life was the most joyful day of my life Through hard work we have become successful We inspire each other
I would take the love that you saw When Flynn looked at Rapunzel When you saw pure love and passion for this girl that he just met a day or two before
Music; Sometimes loud and sometimes quiet, Always needed, never silent. Instrumental or with lyrics, I’m so grateful I can hear it. And isn’t it bizarre, you see- Just how music comes to be?
we buried you one day. and it wasn't like in the movies where it's raining and the clouds are iron gray like my heart. it was sunny-- so dry the earth was crunchy with broken bones.  
Her beauty is enticing as the summer raysThe breath of life, she is, that If I breathe her air I can survive this island day after daysShe keeps my mind at peace as the wind blows
A steady hand, a  s t e a d ( i e r )  heart, A deep breath in a deep(er) breath out.   In a sea of faces, a sea of unknown
Oh, goodness! I have done it again. I have written another cheesy and expected verse. When language and emotions are so diverse, Why have all my other efforts proven in vain?
All I need scholarship Slam    One thing I need is love 
What can I not live without?My significant other by my side.Even though the distance is great.In my heart, they reside.The one that pushes me to see another day.The one that encourages me each and every way.
H20 By Bethany Hughes   Water. On a deserted island; water would be necessary to drink, to survive. Water. Flowing throughout my body, through yours,
Its the thing in my head that takes me from this place; to another world into the far reaches of outer space.  It allows me to be  whatever I would want and more; I could be a queen in a palace
Whiskey never tasted so damn good on my tongue Until I could give you Jack-flavored kisses My farts were never less embarrassing   Until you named them "foofs"
(Transcript attached for accompanying video)   It was really more about symbolism than safety.  
My little box,  holds so many things. Photos, stamps, and old letters. Jars, paintbrushes, and earrings made of feathers. It holds my mother, and who she was. My little box,  holds so many things.
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, You've seen me stand,  You've seen me fall. You've seen me laugh,  You've seen me cry.  You've seen my past,  Now watch me thrive.  I need my drive. 
Such a simple word, “need” Yet can be placed in many forms Replacement for “want” For the greedier generations The human desire for life Considerably the most natural form, Yet has been added and made
As I walk through life with her by my side,She sees me for what I am. There is no other person I'd rather be with,And we leave each other all too soon. College. It's coming, chasing us out of our last few monthsof high school.
It is plastered upon faces Determines choices that need to be made Feelings may be hurt Connections between families can be saved  
The imagination is all I needYet to the right ear some would say I'm full of greed To those that know what an imagination can doAre the only ones who why that's true
Norepinephrine, Dopamine, and Phenylethylamine,Are just regular chemicals, But put them together you get Love.   That heart pumping, roller coaster feeling
Cold as the glaciers that gather around the attic waters into the eyes of a girl long gone it hurts on the inside worse than anything Do you get that feeling? staring at the night sky
What can we truly not live without? Its small, green and is said to make the world go round. It is what we cannot live without and what we live for. Money. It is what every one wants and works for. 
It makes me to work harder, learn more. To accept one fact. To doubt my actions and my thinking. To control my selfishness. To break sterotypes. To do things for myself.
You give me love You give me your time You give me happiness You gave me life You gave me a reason to live You gave me your warmth You gave me your everything You gave me forever
All I need is that smile on your face… Since the day you came… I’ve been in a new and different place.   You’ve taught me patience … You’ve taught me grace…
The sunbeams are harsh on my skin yet you are here My thirst is never ending yet you never leave me Even though I feel alone you have not left Though my enemies may be tens of thousands
Oh, how we drank in the moon, Giddy, Because we had a car full of gas, And music, And an endless night in front of us, Eternal,
If i were to crash down by the deep blue sea this is the one person i’d want with me. my mom, my world, my biggest supporter
The spring grass takes me to a time ago; The stillness stayed so, and life held her hands Above her kin, above her withered foe. She smiled upon beaches of silver sands.
Have you ever been been short of words? You have, whether you took the time To consider the impossible eventuality Carefully lain before you.  Now think, in that moment, in that tiny forever 
Kisses smoother than French silk on my lips tastes like Caribbean chocolate. Purest flavor flown in straight from the island. Gingerly he would kiss me upon my cheek.
I remember a couple years ago sitting on my couch. No knock. No soul. No sound. No sound of blithe. Stared into the eyes of the TV almost as if there was a way for it to comfort me..
Located deep within an abyssI reach for my lab gogglesFor they would be the only thing I would miss   They are always on my headOr sleeping next to meRight beside my bed  
Stranded amongst the trees and sand, There would be only one that I'd demand. I'd be fine waiting there until the end of time, If she could give her love to me, Sitting at my side.
Hush my dear Shed no tear Keep it all inside   Turn your head As I go to bed And utter not a sound   Love has no respect for me Waste not your devout sympathy
This world is amazing So many things have been created So many people are worth prasing And so many things conquered   But if I could only choose One important thing to use What would it be?
The stillness in the midnight air, rushes to your skin. Raising each and every hair, where do I begin?  
She woke up feeling numb She lay on a bed of cold hard sand Her head pounding and tearing at the seams  She could feel the worries of her parents seep into her veins
Some need money, talent or fame. They play life like a inconsequential game. They move their pawns around the board Adding more money and gifts on their massive hoard.
All I need is youYou, who taught me so many things about lifeYou, the only person that ever knew meYou, who didn't judge meYou alone help me believe in myselfAnd although you may be goneI will never forget youI keep your photo with me in my roomHa
Without pen and paper, My mind would not even try. But without my dear nephew, My heart and complete essence would surely die.   If I did not have this little boy, My mind would turn dark
So lonely I will be, without hearing your laughter next to me. Our witty jokes make us shine I cant imagine burning out and dieing. But every light dims once in a while, and every heart will break at times.
My life, my light,Without him, nothing's right.Cliche? Perhaps.My chest would collapse,If we were ever apart.He's been there from the start,But I was blind,Trapped with someone who didn't mind
 “Reach for the moon, Even if you miss…. You’ll end up among stars.” The idea I hold dear. The last whisper from my mother that went into my ear. Her mama once told her, as she reached for the moon,
The world can be mean & cruel. Seeing society turn everyone into the same person makes everything dull.   Whom can you turn to when everything is wrong?
The grass is always greener when you think of something that's sweeter When you are dealing with rough times think of something that's always nice   You are the creator of the greener grass
All I need is paper and a pen, and the words I write can be my only friend. With a dot a small dot of ink, I can create almost anything. When no one else listens, I can turn to the lines.
Warm and hard Loving yet stern Self-less and selfish Only You You see the beauty in all things I see the beauty in only one thing But, you remind me that isnt possible Only You
Flooding, Rushing Gushing Negativity hushing Goodness, pure; thick, running amock in my head Laughter spills over Sadness; dead A mock of a problem A poke of the bear,
Look to the sunrise early one morning and picture a magnificent paint brush, dipping it's tip in hues of unimaginable colors, creating patterns and texturesseemingly impossible to design,sweeping across the sky's expanse.We lose sight of innate be
 Judging Eyes,Eyes that pierce the soul,Eyes that take a look into the very being,In which I am. Eyes that look upon me,And mock me.They mock with such impuaty,My eyes begin to weep. Weeping eyes,Eyes that water seeps out of,like a trickling creak
Thoughts are my Necessity  Words strung together, just inside my head Opinions well-formed, but never said  Secrets in my mind, so that tears won't shed  The one thing that I could not live without... 
There's just something about reading through another world that helps you forget the one you're actually in,  or maybe there's something about reading a situation somewhat like your own,  you know,  to compare, 
You can stare at the sky So huge so high All day and all night, you never try. Yet tears fall, and all you can do is listen to her lullaby,   And when i saw her eyes, So delecate, golden and dark
Sticks and stones may break my bones but because of words, they will never hurt me. A verse, a line, a sentence, a phrase it is the power of the things I hear every day. Deep and inspirational.  Simple and Kind.
In the cold grips of the world and all that comes with it, I need many things to live. The basics, of course, to keep my fluttering heart going every fleeting hour.
I may not have all that I could And life has taken more than it should But music stays right by my side here
Most of my peers may say they can't live without thier phone. But in my life my faith is more important, heaven is my goal. Because threw it all , God makes sure that I'm always supported. The nuumber one thing is faith.
They say without hope You do not know true despair This island is my prison Between U.S and Cuba is where   An entire ocean of blue Yet to see a ship of cargo Curse that Mister Kennedy
It was by unfortunate cirumstances that I loved the silence. In its glory, I was allianced. I loved writiting of nonsensical things, to block out the inevitable rumors and screams. Word after word, day after day,
Angels I give you something to carry on up Wings spread like a curtain Under circumstances its uncertain Looking at a child given life Just to have it taken away We preach what is spoken
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