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Farrokh Bulsara a.k.a. Freddie MercuryBritish singer, songwriter known universallyConfirmed he had AIDS and then died the next dayHis music through Queen still rocks us all the way.
if five minutes where dem last five minutes of my life   if i died in five minutes i would   kiss my kid hold on to my wife i'd call my mom   forever forever
Dear, Osteogenesis Impefecta All my life, you break me You crack, shatter, compund, and fracture my life. I hated you, hours of surgery, years of hurt, a lifetime of scars. Then, you changed me For the better
AIDS, AIDS. It is out there. Regardless of gender, HIV/AIDS taint anyone. AIDS test.
I watched as the fire died in her eyes. I knew it when she succumbed to the overpowering fight I felt it when the life drained from her cold fingers I felt her once lively arms go limp in my tightly-gripping palms
I got aids. I got em real bad. Every day i get up to find true love, i look in the bars, and the cars and the stores, but when we hit the sack and do loves chores, I give them my aids.
He rests encaged his heart entangled as the Little Red Raven has done. The school children shout, they jeer, and laugh, as they say: Aye! It’s you who got pecked by the Little Red Raven  
It has been a long tiresome day . But for some reason, I don’t want to go home . Oh, I know why I don’t want to go home yet. I need to put a few in me first.
ACT UP  because some people can't fight for themselves. ACT UP because silence equals death. ACT UP  becasue many don't know it still out there.
Why did I get so offended when someone talked about cancer or aids 
  It can be given to you It can be passed on  There’s no way to avoid it  As long as you move along
It was once like Ebola A fear of instant death   It changed our lives forever The thought of it makes us shiver   Some still fear the name Others fear the shame   We call it AIDS
You're crying ,sick and your pain is so badIf only you would have listen to the plan I hadSaying no to drugs and sex is not a crimeI have said no over a thousand times
Life so Unpredictable
10101: my home.   A place of beauty, nature, tranquility,   serene.   And yet here we are.   Victims.   Homelessness, poverty, pride, HIV   AIDS.  
We all want to be happy. Fall in love, get married.  We all want that fairy tale ending.   We fail to see the evil in the poeple we say we love. Because we don't know what love is. Or the damage it does.
She’s not that popular Not many know her name She’s not the type to play around She’s not with those games Independence and self-worth Not looking for a Net Worth Just wants to be successful
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"You don't know what I say in my mind Close to my heart"--"get your face out of their behind!" "You think you're so this and so that all that pride and ego talking, take a seat" she sat
Innocence She was only sixteen
Now I lay me down to sleep I pray dear lord my soul you’ll keep I Wake up in a strange place Not knowing where or even who I was
Ladies, do y'all not hear, What's goin on in this world? Lemme make this clear. About 300 THOUSAND women contracted AIDS in the year,  2007 alone. Now that's a number everyone should fear.
She averted her eyesAnd twiddled her thumbsAnd shifted her weightOnto her other foot. And finally she told himAnd his eyes widenedAnd he threw a pillowAnd left the room.
Three years have passed since, There is no salvation from the mistakes, From the agony and pain I have caused my friends and kin. From the wrong I have done in this grim, This grimmest of days, months, years.
Who is the bully?that walks the hallsall big and badcan you really tellthat his world is upside downthat his parents have disappeared 
You've walked this side before, And I've seen your time wary face. Seasons made you older, lines are drawn That cannot be erased.
Denis holds her, tender loving, brand new to the world An unwritten sheet, ready to live Denis smiles, happy again. This new life has healed him from the loss of Johnny.
Scarlet Letter , a message to the masses There's a killer in our sheets, so rap it up before you catch it Or check it up before you pass it , no exceptions To the slash list, so please avoid, the dash, on that
Homelessness, anarchy, terrorism This is reality. Wars, drugs, abortions This is reality. Global warming, corruption, debt This is reality. AIDS, alcohol, smoking This is reality.
She still remembers him. The only man to know her touch She gave him all she had to offer but he didn't leave her much more than some memories. The only ones she'll ever know.
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