I watched as the fire died in her eyes. I knew it when she succumbed to the overpowering fight
I felt it when the life drained from her cold fingers
I felt her once lively arms go limp in my tightly-gripping palms
I saw the very life seep out of Amber, my blue-eyed friend
She fought desperately at first
When she came down with the virus detected by the doctor's test
She heeded the doctor's advice and took the prescribed drugs
Joined us on adventures and leaned in for group hugs
Did all she had to do and was always happy
Told us often that we made her feel so lucky
But then, she began retreating
Like a sleepy snail, with an enticing shell, she began retracting
I, her closest friend, tried so much to get to her
But Amber, my dear, had gone so much far
Then the doctor's complaints started
And her parents continuously ranted
Amber turned off her emotions and built walls around her mind
I tried to break through those walls, but her heart, did I never find
It got worse and transitioned into the much-dreaded AIDS
She had given in already and did nothing to allay our fears
On her death bed, she asked for her dearest friend
My blue-eyed friend let me hold her hand till the very end
For this cause, I did blame myself unendingly
For, maybe, if I had fought it with her, she may not have ended so terribly
Now, I have learnt a lesson and I spread the message
Join in the fight and play safe in this new age
For now, the present and for the future
Let us all to the victims, become their constant savior.

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Our world


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