The So-Called American Dream


Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray dear lord my soul you’ll keep

I Wake up in a strange place

Not knowing where or even who I was

I pretend to be someone I’m not

To fit into a crowd I think is hot


I look over and ask this boy

“Hey man what’s wrong with you”?

He said “I’m just doing what I have to do

In the morning I smoke a whole blunt

so I can get high

I bring an extra one in my bag

just to make it by”


I look beside him to see a girl half naked

the boys are lined up

just to see her shake it

the list goes on and on for day's

all the people she slept with

that now have AIDS


Another look around

and I see something so profound

that it's more acceptable now

for a girls stomach to be big and round

with a baby daddy who could care less

who says “This ain't my problem

this here is yo mess!”


He throws her the money

and said “go get this shit fixed

cause I ain't paying child support

for a damn baby and some bitch!”


If I should die before I wake

the very next day

he got shot in the face


So the baby grows up without a dad

the good life a dream he never had

following in the foot steps of his dad a young boy

he then realizes life isn't a toy


I look one last time

and the circle comes back to me
the crowd I’m trying to fit into

is it really meant to be


All these kids a statistic and under 18

my peers on drugs

dying from dieses

pregnant and even dead

while their parents are at home

sleeping in their warm beds


I think to myself

what happened to that little girls and boys

who use to play with Barbie’s and GI Joe toys

These kids are what they believe to be as grown

but now they are left to face life on their own


But I can't judge them

I can only pray

That the next generation

Chooses not to go that way


So now I lay me down to sleep

I pray dear Lord my soul you’ll keep

and if…if, I should die before I wake

I pray dear lord my soul you'll take



God bless Mommy

God bless Daddy

and most of all

God bless me

as I live this so called

American dream.


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