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Oh, love, stir the rising strip by strip  Where Love has a breath of fresh want  Sweet suspense of her spur  Where she plays a number on me 
Fine taste of life wakes in palms daily  Full seasons soon explore their chance to purpose 
In this modern world of hustle and bustle. When I hear the pages of a book, rustle.   At the end of the day when everyone is gone. In the darkness of the night when I feel alone.  
High up in the mountains on a clear, starry night, far behind me is the gleaming of the city's harsh light. Before me lies a valley clothed in fog's misty shroud. These mountains don't know
Tranquility A happy place,no stress;no worry.Happiness is a responsibility;without hurry.
The thermosphere is showered with stars Sprinkling the inky infinity with transcendent luminescence Deep crimson to brilliant sapphire, they radiate Forcing even souls of malice and anxiety to eternal serenity
A group of  fools spinning round in a toilet bowl. Lost with them all in a black hole. No worry and no hurry, we're headed into the abyss for a euphoric reason. Inhale the trees
Love is wild, Like a flower.   When you like a flower you just pluck it, When you love a flower you water it daily...  You nourish it, Heal it, Rejuvenate it,
I see the light slowly filtering from above Soft arrows of luminance piercing the water As waves rock me gently  
Loving God,  teach me to be silent,so that I can stay close to youand listen as you speakwithin my heart and through what I see, hear and what men Speak. 
If to be trapped alone with nothing but me, On an island, Out at sea, I may bring very little, Perhaps just my tanquility.
Standing, sitting, kneeling, laying, Resting, sleeping, dreaming, praying. Waking, stretching, rising,  up now to join the world as it breathes.   Momentum growing, paces rising,
  I feel relaxing, As I look at the flowers Colorful, cheerful, and bright. ……………………………. Summer, hot, and the sun No cold, no snow, and no school Sea, beach, and the tan. ………………………………
And she used to be the sweetest girl …Ambrolletta !! Is what I called her The lightest feather no man could ever catch her Made you torture when she left And if she stayed it'd be like death
    Gathered together from greatest to poorest    thickets and meadows, a lush mighty forest.    Peace and great solace amidst the strong trees    broad leaf and fine needle they sway in the breeze.
The serenity of silence on a spring day. Clear blue skies and a warming sun. Nothing yells tranquility like this.
   The water is tepid, the sea cool bliss;
A monkey is in a tree by the ocean by the sea In a tree all on its own Free to roam And inhale the ocean breeze
At six a.m., the world is fast asleep. The sky is dark, the air is still and cold. This grayscale world is safe and quiet and deep. I feel intrusive, chancing here to creep And break the silence--dare I be so bold?
Do not go, please stay with me Do not leave, come take my hand; Your mind and body drift away, you leave me here with no where to stay. Just stay here, come and see
  You whisper nonsense in my ear so soft, so gentle I listen closely to the cadence of your voice lulling me to contentment. You laugh. My heart soars. It vibrates through my flesh.  
The cool summer rain Falls in soft sheets Enough for umbrellas, but not for raincoats; Enough for me, enough for peace.
My desire to fish burns deep from inside, I can not stand to be away from the ocean. And every time I see water I get the notion, To head to the dock where from the world, I can hide.
I am being transferred into a world of nothingness. Floating alone and fearless, yet frightened at the same time. My feet touch nothing. My body touches nothing. The nothing surrounds me. And I realize...
So here I stand living...breathing sitting in this chair fully aware of past trials and faults as they release from the vault in the back of my brain and you might think its insane but I find
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