A Slithering Sin

And she used to be the sweetest girl

…Ambrolletta !!

Is what I called her

The lightest feather no man could ever catch her

Made you torture when she left

And if she stayed it'd be like death

A few minutes she could capture my attention

Forgot to mention

She's like a fairy tale

And every time she falls and sway

I feel her fairy spell....

In this instance I need more of her prescription

She does the body good but when she leaves I feel a sickness

More beautiful than all the flowers I know

And if she kept me up we'd always hear the summer time glow

Words spoken best if you always spoke'em quiet

My sweetheart knew me best just like Jan. the 1st

A fan of hers...

But she could not be owned

A phone call from me but it seems that we were never alone!

Crazy how you do my wrong, I take you back and when she’s back I wish she never took me back, a time attack of deep blues

Let’s go in the deep sea

So I can re-envision last night’s mystery

So she can hold my breath under when I need to breathe

She killed my heart in silence

But did me better than the other fees

And for her fee I bet I’d never pay a single fee

....I talked subtle

I should speak quiet

And let her come

And let her numb....my silencccce

Because she speaks in peace and pain

A slithering sin

She makes better

The Catastrophic Misses Ambrolletta


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Very beautiful. Thanks for writing!


Thank you very much!

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