Island Alone


   The water is tepid, the sea cool bliss;
Cherubs rest in these salty palm trees;
I stumble into a wave's sweet kiss;
Lush greenery is all that I see.
   Freely flocking birds cascade from the sky;
They are enthralled by the lapping blue;
Pink, gold, and red, they are not flying high;
 While soft, gentle clouds languidly pursue.
   A breeze blows my hair in light caresses;
Spirits of the sea assume a green hue;
They gather to watch as the wave compresses
My hand into the vital ocean's blue. 
   The wind and sea combine blissful airs;
I feel most noble to the plush ocean plants;
Their lives, that grace me, as the water ensnares,
And give comfort to me through their silent chants. 
   Vivacity here is the strongest belief,
Convinced the sun has eternally shone;
Light throws me into its tropic relief,
A young woman unique on an island alone. 
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