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I am being transferred into a world of nothingness.
Floating alone and fearless, yet frightened at the same time.
My feet touch nothing.
My body touches nothing.
The nothing surrounds me.
And I realize...
I realize...

I'm slammed into color.
Too vibrant.
The brightness hurts my eyes.
The waves of unbelievable energy tear through my body.
Still it's not enough to snap me out of the painful sensations.
Pins and needles everywhere.

What a terrible night to have a curse-
And what a curse it is.
The salty smell overwhelms my senses.
The brightness settle down into a dull glow.

I feel as if my inner light has been sucked out.
I feel meek and hollow.

Nonexistent walls start crashing in.
The weight bearing in so heavily on my chest.
The distress.
The agony.
No chance of anyone finding me.

The empty bitterness of my body becomes calm and soothing.
My breathing slows.
And the metaphysical state of my being is at peace.
Tranquility fills the air.
The hypnosis ceases.


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