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I am a terrible texter A shitty snap-chatter A flop on Facebook And all around awful at any form of virtual communication I blame it on my depression sometimes
Once the Poet is done psychically with his or her craft With the vernacular of his or her masterpieces It’s the role of the readers to add mentally missing pieces
Hello Mr. mustang, please don’t text while you drive Unless of course you are ready to die In that case please don’t do it here When children and innocent people are near For not everyone is prepared for their death
Tonight was never meant to end in a murderous fiasco of hate and pain.  I crouch by the bathroom sink in order to preserve what was left of my dignity and desperation. With each shriek of the gun I crouch lower, lower, lower until my tummy reaches
Two that love, driving and texting each other     to the hope that they will be together.     they have a special place, an intersection where there's all set,    
*bzzz* She sent you a message Lots of emojis, not as many hearts as usual Send that message? Sent Read 10:43 pm *bzzz* New message from Her: 8:02 am No emojis this time *bzzz*
He read it at 9:30 PM. It's currently 9:42 PM and he hasn't even began to type. Read 9:30 PM. Read 9:30 PM. Read 9:30 PM. It replays in my head over and over.
One noon, my friends pranked you, Pretending like they always do. They texted that I want us to meet, Even if I don't want to greet.
Words lose their meaning throughlies and deception.They begin as mere plain text with a definition to follow,but soon are tossed around in a batter ofgenerously margined synonyms and false connotations.
Where are you?
Sometimes when my phone goes off randomly, I secretly wish your number would pop up- I deleted it from my contacts, Thinking I could delete you from my life,
Disrespect   I suppose my words hold no value
Those words I just don't care What do they mean? You hit a man on a bicycle and that's the only thing you can say? Your car Is it worth more then this man life? His wife
That text that you sent was so convincing with the dots, Fragile like flower pots but dangerous like gun shots. It made me think -- about how I wanted you in the past,
What is the idea that started this all? The one that broke the glass?
Friends equal Awesome. I agree 100% With u.
I got a call about you yesterday, I guess someone saw you driving in your beat-up truck The one with the ripped up seats and unused ketchup packets What happened to college? It started a month ago
I admit that I hate I'm feeling alone... Checking for texts with every second, But the black covers my phone. It doesn't light up every minute Like my sister and my mom's So I keep waiting here, here
Trust. Defined as the assured reliance on the character, ability, or truth of someone or something.   Trust is Knowing that what you believe in, what you put your hope in will not abandon you  
You're calling me a loose "canon" But you're the one so quick to take the picture   You tell me I'm "noting" to you But I've been upfront 100% and tried to fix our issues  
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