C U L8ter

Sometimes when my phone goes off randomly,

I secretly wish your number would pop up-

I deleted it from my contacts,

Thinking I could delete you from my life,

But I still know it by heart,

And sometimes a text to you will start,

But I erase it as fast as it appeared in my head,

because I know what we had wasn’t real,

Or at least that’s how I need to feel,

I had such strong feelings for you,

But I didn’t think things through,

And I just let myself fall,

Without waiting for your call

I was high on the thought of you,

And some other things too,

The idea of you still lingers,

Like the taste of cigarettes on my tongue,

It was never mean to last,

You were a just a lesson meant to be in the past,

And ill find someone better,

But that doesn’t stop me from still wearing your sweater,

Sometimes I sit down in the shower,

And let the water seep into my hair,

And my thoughts sit in the hot air,

The memories get tangled in my head,

But I know once I go to bed,

The thought of you will slowly vanish from my conscious,

Like the thoughts you have right before you fall asleep,

And ill go back to waiting for my next leap,

I’ll make into someone elses arms,

And eventually you’ll disappear from my thoughts completely,

And I’ll fall again, so sweetly


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