That Text


That text that you sent was so convincing with the dots,

Fragile like flower pots but dangerous like gun shots.

It made me think -- about how I wanted you in the past,

I admired you, adored you, used to stare at you in class.

To me, you were fresher than Glade inscents, cleaner than Windex glass

and you were cute too witcha' dark skinned ass.

But friendship convinced me to take two steps back

And instead of being hunted I was content about joining the pack.

We shared stories,


tears and pain

and then you shoot me that text, tryna switch up the game. 

Tryna turn our respected wolf gang into some puppy love shame!

That text told me that the tables had turned.

The friendship we earned was jeopardized by your current feelings and the 

past experience that I used to yearn. 

That text got me thinking about why you would even choose me.

What happened to ole' girl who was wifey to be?

All this baggage that you carry makes it hard for me to budge,

Plus your best friend is my sweetie and your homie is my crush!


Are you really tryna do this right now? Are you feelings finalized?

What will happen when this London Bridge falls down?

I'm so confused---the suspense is intensifying.

Questions are multiplying,

my feelings are dividing

from a base that was clarified from Day One Rejection.

Never thought I would be apart of his Main Girl Selection.




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