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Another failed attempt. I already regret my weaknesses. my heart sinks. my head listens to the mocking sea of voices; Down Down Down Drowning Drowning Drowning
If Superman was Gay His accomplishments Would walk out and slam him in the face   He’d have an awful lot of
Dear Society, All the heroes have fallen and its all your fault. All of your rules and ideals forced through their skull caused their ship to sink.
There are four types of heroes Don’t believe me? I’ll show you   The first type is a hero born with power Often they come from planets and faraway realms And they can leap buildings in single bounds
I fight a battle everyday with every nerd I meet. I speak of the injustice done to me and my kind. So many powerful women built to be puppets in a one sided, one focused universe.
Running from the shadows, I'm lost Finding the exit is like trying to spot a constellation in the night sky. Trapped in confusion of my own consciousness.
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