Dear Society

Tue, 04/05/2016 - 13:34 -- ssheins

Dear Society,

All the heroes have fallen and its all your fault.

All of your rules and ideals forced through their skull

caused their ship to sink.

And by the way heroes don’t float they sink.

You didn’t send them any help

even though you heard their every scream

Its almost like you wanted them to drown

To destroy the populations emotions of hope and joy....

Is that why you let all of the heroes die?


Or was it because

They all posed a threat like Iron Man forcing a vast change to your military program?

Or was it because Black Widow

and the unlikely chance

of her revealing all of the secrets you ever held dear?

You even destroyed your pride and joy

your precious little toy soldier Captain America

Why would you destroy him?

Maybe it may be presumed that his old fashioned views clashed to greatly with your own.


So now your theory is right

the human population is falling apart

But you never considered all if the ways in which your plan could possibly backfire

Nothing is ever foolproof as any good villain could tell you

and now thanks to you they are quite easy to find

They roam every street free to do as they please

because no one without a super suit or powers would ever bother to fight them

But wait maybe that was false

because the biggest fault in your plan has yet to be mentioned


The people both brave and crazy enough to

fight both the villains and you.

They will fight and fight to nullify the heroes deaths

while everyone can hear you screaming “its not really our fault”

but it really is



Your idea of his perfection constantly bombarding him

caused Superman to commit suicide

because nobody is faultless you see

and all you ever portray is just that

and thats what everyone believed him to be,

but no one can live up to that pressure

And the ideal image of perfection that you have for women

definitely took its toll

because bone thin and hollow is unsurvivable

even for the all mighty Wonder Woman

Anorexia caused her to fall in battle

So don’t try and claim that it wasn’t all your fault.


And now everyone is starting to see through your glittering generalities

and your unachievable ideals

and your false promises

So you brought all of this upon yourself.

By destroying all the heroes


Everyone still standing.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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