What Doesn't Make You a Hero

There are four types of heroes

Don’t believe me?

I’ll show you


The first type is a hero born with power

Often they come from planets and faraway realms

And they can leap buildings in single bounds

They were always special


The second type is a hero given power by an artifact

A magic sword of righteousness, a ring of power or will,

A hammer for the worthy one, or a suit of armor

Even a watch that fell from the sky

It doesn’t really matter what the object is

Bottom line?

They’re nothing without it.


The third type is a hero who was given powers in a catalytic event

An experiment gone wrong (or in some cases, one that went right)

A bite from a spider, a blast from a portal

A strike of lightning, a spell from a wizard

A gift, or a curse

It depends on how you look at it.


The last type is a hero who doesn’t have powers

At least, not superhuman powers

I guess you could say they create their own power

Taking up arms to protect their cities

Becoming a symbol of fear or hope

Acting like Robin Hood to save the day

Or simply vengeance in the night


I told you there were four types of heroes

That was true

But I didn’t mention something else

You can fit villains into those four categories


Because in the end, it doesn’t matter how you got your power

Or even if you have power at all

The person under the mask or hood is irrelevant

The intentions of the individual is what matters

And the actions they carry out.


Being able to fly doesn’t make you a hero.

Wielding a magic hammer doesn’t make you a hero.

Slinging webs doesn’t make you a hero.

Dressing up like a bat doesn’t make you a hero.

Protecting people is what makes you a hero.

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