' 'suicide' depression'

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People will continue to silently call me selfish But I will continue to be silently selfless Dear Mom You don’t love me And I know you don’t
The roses today must be painted in white Red’s getting ready for this evening   Doctor’s may make their incisions without morphine Pain reserved a seat at my party  
Smileing all the time. Trusting careing loving kind. Watch for scars up sleeves.
A zebra is a prey 
I still remember it.It feels like a million years ago,A strange sort of nostalgiaSour and weighty and wetThe panic still swells up in my throat at timesAnd I feel the sweat on my palmsSuffocating.
All I Ever Wanted Was To Stop FeelingI Wanted It To Go Away For GoodNo One Is Listening; Is Anyone There?They Keep Fighting; I'm Losing This BattleWhy Are They Here To Begin With?
Broken and torn I wish i wasnt born the pain is to much wish me good luck hanging from that chair It wasnt a dare With that wire wrapped tight around my neck
01/10/20 The water rushes into my ears It’s the numb feeling I always get That makes me feel as though I’m somewhere else I stay as long as I can
dont know what to do,now that my heart broke in to,ever since the day you left ive been feeling like im through tell me lord what should i do,live my life or off my self cause in the world you made today dont nobody offer helpbut im steady tryna m
Dark Darker Darker
Why, there’s a mark on my arm. A serrated, jagged, adorable mark on my arm.   My arm mark has many relatives. They are not identical, but related.
It's a dark in here. I can't see clearly.  I think I steped on something sharp... I don't know if I'm bleeding.  Do you think there are snakes? I don't want to get hurt.    Wait, I think I see light!
She smiles and pretends that everything is OK. She bows her head with nothing to say. She wonders why everything is this way. She holds on to too much pain. She can’t seem to wipe away, from her heart, the stain.
Didn’t make it past high school, Who would’ve known? Just a popular tool Who fell off his throne   Story wasn’t as simple Didn’t cry, didn’t weep, Just because of one pimple
Once a December evening an old man did come walking Breath came stirring in old weathered huffs, white and swirling; But this was no happy time for a cheerless face came strolling
LET GO!!! yells my brain my heart still just hangs on to that one little strings my hands left with tears and blood dripping from the wounds but still I clinge tightly still I think I can make it better
I wish you were here You’d wipe away my tears I wish you here You’d drown all my fears The cycle continues I feel like I’m lost I try to save lives But at what cost?
Im standing on the edge of the horizon, it is very difficult to take this decision it feels like my veins are filled with poison It is really difficult to take these choices
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