The Zebra

A zebra is a prey 

So, you must learn to conceal your stripes 

Soft linen drape over your arms 

You confide in me 

You show me your design 

What if I'm the predator? 


The clothes fall to the floor  

leaving just your undergarments exposed. 

You're a zebra 

From your head to your toes 

Just a prey exposed to the predator. 


You confide in me 

Your past 

Your struggles 

So openly and quickly 

I only saw your stripes for a moment 

Before you concealed them once more 


The pure white broken flesh 

I know that stung in the shower 

Or when touched too aggressively 

But you were beautiful 

The beautiful prey 

The Zebra 


This poem is about: 
Our world



This was a poem written about a roomate i had during a camp one summer.

Mitski is god

Amazing poem


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