I wish you were here

I wish you were here
You’d wipe away my tears
I wish you here
You’d drown all my fears

The cycle continues
I feel like I’m lost
I try to save lives
But at what cost?

You’d know what to say
You always do
I feel so alone here
Without you

I’ll speak to the walls
As bland as they are
I’ll tell them my secrets
While you are so far

I’ll say that I lost
A dear friend of mine
I’ll tell them I’m useless
I screwed up this time

I thought I could save him
Our friendship lasted long
But now all I’m thinking is
“What did I do wrong?”

I thought talking helped
But no one has listened
I’m speaking to walls
I know who I’m missin’

I wish you were here
You’d make me feel strong
I wish you were here
You’d see he was wrong
You’d say “You don’t need him”
“He’ll harm you no more”
“As long as I’m here”
“You are adored”

You know how I feel
You’re all that I need
Maybe I don’t need him
To be the reason I bleed

I’m glad we could talk
Even though you’re not near
And though I can feel you
I wish you were here

This poem is about: 
My family


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