dont know what to do,now that my heart broke in to,ever since the day you left ive been feeling like im through tell me lord what should i do,live my life or off my self cause in the world you made today dont nobody offer helpbut im steady tryna make it people wanna fake it,gotta dodge bullets man my life is like the matrix,is this a simulation why my heart gotta be cold,we dont care about each other we just tryna get some gold,why do i even have a phone when nobody hits me up...why talk about my feelings when nobody gives af,whats going on with my emotions im so sick and tired of hoping,is it cause i stopped believe every since that bible openJesus died for are sins but i know ill burn for mine,and no im not repenting read the book plenty of times,but why'd you put me on this earth with sadness in my mind,we was made in your image theirs a flaw in this design...but yet i still pray,hope you give me a sign or atleast say...i made you for a reason so go find your purpose,and inside ik your hurting but it will be worth it

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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