Melting Angel Dust Wings

Didn’t make it past high school,

Who would’ve known?

Just a popular tool

Who fell off his throne


Story wasn’t as simple

Didn’t cry, didn’t weep,

Just because of one pimple

He didn’t lose sleep.






The story began

All humble and swell

But we all know Icarus

Didn’t end as well


Made some friends

Gave him all he’d need

But like high school trends

He was flushed with greed.


Well this is where

The story gets dark

There’s more to life

Than walks in the park


Icarus finds

A new crowd to follow

Aren’t as nice as before

And their eyes are hollow


This new crowd

Gave him medicine and pop

But unlike Aleve

He felt ready to drop


This new crowd

Was more fun than before

Could just walk away

And close all his doors



Became the party king

Everybody in awe

From autumn to spring


But his old friends

They were mad and scared

What happened to him?

They asked and stared


No one would question

This man of power

Till one night came

That was dark and dour


Icarus had

Too many Aleves

His crowd got jealous

And took their leave


Two weeks later

He is lying on the floor

Pulsing, convulsing

Begging for some more


From autumn to spring

He was bulletproof

Until the cops came

Found a bullet in his roof


His feathers were plucked

By the heat of the sun

The desire for more

The want for fun


His friends and crowd

Meeting the last and first

Say their final goodbyes

To the greedy coerced


This poem is about: 
My community
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Icarus has alway been my favorite myth. Never realized how much it pertained to me and my community.

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