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                     ✍🏿️  .Am I Free?.  ✍🏿️ Life as we know it, lives lost, hope fading, Riots in our streets, business set blazing.
Throw your words at us, Toss out your lies; When they see our faces Make sure no one cries. Tears have been shed for those who have bled, and a loooong way we haven’t come- too many dead.
In the beginning it was like all nice and romantic almost like a dream I felt like I was in a fairy tale like it wasn't real And for me I should have known that it was too good true
Crying doesn’t silence me it just dulls my screams of pain 
  Good vibes today For todays a new day So make today better then yesterday And yesterday better then the day before that Be kind to everyone For everyone has a kind bone in them
"You're stupid. You're annoying. You're ugly. We don't want you here." These are words my brother hears daily at school. Cruel is the words to describes the children of today.
Let me ask you a question About the thoughts in your head, The things that you feel, The words that you said To that girl down the street With those beautiful eyes. I know you remember her;
It's a different kind of broken heart The kind where it feels like you fell apart Like someone took a dart and threw it directly through your heart   I never thought I'd feel this way
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