No More.

Throw your words at us,

Toss out your lies;

When they see our faces

Make sure no one cries.

Tears have been shed for those who have bled, and a loooong way we haven’t come- too many dead.

Tears are normal but it’s not what we want

You aim your guns at us, in ads that you flaunt-

The sickening cynics who think it’s their right-

While parents without THEIR KIDS cry through the night.

Unsafe and unsound,

Gun violence all around.

On the news and in the street,

This never-ending fear we must defeat.

You choose to remain in an unjust position,

In voting you out, we will make it our mission.

We’ll keep on trudging through the war-

Until the shots are heard no more.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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