Am I Free?

                     ✍🏿️  .Am I Free?.  ✍🏿️

Life as we know it, lives lost, hope fading,

Riots in our streets, business set blazing.

What world is this? What home of the brave? Let's not forget land of the free?

How can that be, when it's a crime to be me?

Stepping outside of my own home, into an uncertain unknown, not knowing whether or not I will die alone. 

Am I free to be me? Or am I just a free man with a target on my back,

Oh, someone explain to me why it's such a crime to be black!

I want to live, have the right to dream a dream of a better tomorrow,

Tired of each day bringing more lives taken, and a family forced to deal with the sorrow.

Free me, oh Lord from this hurt and misery, Haven't my people been hurt enough?, just look at our history.

Crying, praying, on bended knees, Father God, please, hear our pleas. 

Faith, it's what we have, but strength, it's slowly fading away,

This world is not my home, and I don't wish to stay, not even one more day.

I pray for peace for all people, even for those that don't bring peace,

Because the hatred I have inside for the evil doers, needs to find release.

I am me, and I will always let my light shine,

Because victory, victory today, shall be mine!

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My family
My country
Our world
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