You Should've Known That


Crying doesn’t silence me it just dulls my screams of pain 

You shouldve known that

Lieng isn’t a crime worthy of horrible punishment

Youshouldve known that

Hangers,wooden spoons, and belts have just one specific purpose; that purpose not abuse 

You should’ve known that

It hurts me more than physically when you hit me

You should’ve known that

 My face is only red from worrying what you will do next, not because its a target

You should’ve known that

You beating me to stop my language only increases the profane screaming inside me

You should’ve known that

The fact that you could've helped not hurted

You should’ve known that

The tears I cried were tears of sadness and terrible pain, not from being sorry

You should’ve known that

Beating,scarring, and screaming is not the answer

You should’ve known that. 



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