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(Verse 1) I tried my best But it was never good enough_, for anyone at all Bust my ass to do something right It wasn't 100 percent perfectly done correctly Turn around and face that wall  
Bridge under my feet, Steady as I go, Bathed in colors bright, Marveling as I go. Oh...   Borealis of, Houston’s underground, Others laugh and speak, I can’t make a sound.
Here we go again  Watching the autumn leaves  Falling down like confentti into place And I know you'll be long gone soon And I'll try to be okay again But I'm not fine yet at all
Sometimes I just wanna sing So loud it makes my ears ring But it's not enough It'll never be enough I've got no better way to say   I love you, I need you, I want you, I miss you
"Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got." I don't think there's anything more true than that. The world is changing, slipping and twisting in different ways, Ways I don't recognize anymore.
She said she's sorry that she made him ashamed To be vulnerable and open Since she's been living that way It was imparted on she, so to him she did the same She never knew that the girl that she wanted to be
RIDING THE RAILSBY MIRA WILDER2014He travelled the railwayshopping the lines,his buddy's told storiesand drank mad dog wine...Joel was a lonerkept to himselfhe wanted justice
BINGOBY MIRA WILDERWhitey looked in his pocketsto see where he mis-pent his youthall he found was a dimeand the number I-3from the Church of Conceptual Truth
They say that you know you’re in love when all the songs make sense. But the songs always make sense, the only difference is when you are in love you can say that you experience everything
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