Holding The Pain Within.

(Verse 1)

I tried my best

But it was never good enough_, for anyone at all

Bust my ass to do something right

It wasn't 100 percent perfectly done correctly

Turn around and face that wall



Heard her voice like a boot camp leader every day

Screaming and calling me names, it was always that way

Wasn't allowed to show no tears, no sad look on my face

Crying was a bad thing

Tears only meant that leather belt coming off that waist

Just to be hit again

Must hide my tears, must not let them win



"Oh stop puttin' on that show

You'd better not cry

Unless you need me to give you a reason to

You'd better wipe those eyes

You know better than to throw a fit

That's all that is when you get upset

And you know you'd better stop that shit

Or else you'll be slapped and hit"

These words still echo in my head

These are the things that were said

So before the tears would begin

I'd start holding the pain within

So I wouldn't get punished again


(Verse 2)

I learned to silence my pain

Blocking the tears from falling like rain

But I was a broken hearted misfit and I still am

It seems like I still catch hell when I try to do the best I can


Cause my best is never good enough and it will never be

No matter how good I try to do things

It's never good enough to everyone else

Even if it's good enough for me

And it seems like trouble and anger is all I seem to bring

Everywhere I go

Everywhere I am

Born a child of the damned


(Guitar Solo)


(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus)


(Verse 3)

No mistakes

Can't mess up at all

Must be perfect 

No mistakes, no matter how small


You'd better get everything right

I won't put up with that shit

Can't go one day without causing a fight




(Repeat Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus)


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