She left school
to be in a band
at 15 years old
she had a drummer old man
knew what she wanted
when she was three
told everyone
I'm a Rock N Roll queen

10 months later she was all the rage
had a 2 month old baby
she was on the front page
it seems Her husband
had a really bad streak
holding up a store
on a dead end street

She wore a tiara
a tattoo of her man,
tried to look decent
as best she can
took care of her baby ,
made well laid plans....
but life wasn't working
the way she dreamed

All she wanted
to be.... a rocknroll queen

She Started singing in a prison band
while awaiting  trial
for shooting a man
It was her mistake
but she would fix it
she had plans and dreams
for herself and the baby

even though she was only 16
she was still gonna  be a rock and roll queen

Best they could give her
was 20  to life
depending on behavior
she'd be out in 5
her record went platinum
behind the walls
she's still locked up
but she's ten feet tall
she can't give up

her movie star dream

one day I'll get out and be seen
and be a rock N roll Queen!!


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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