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There comes a time for self-reflection When we view our life without affection As we peer deep into our souls We see a darkness as it unfolds Then we look at life and can’t help but brood
The road not taken, The path that I thought lead me, astray yet, here I am. here, I’ll stand— my heart in my hand, my soul attached by strings, my mind tacked by tape and glue—
i think we love who life throws at us.i never meant to be anything,except myself.i never meant to be a "part" of a subculture, i thinkwe all could stand to be more uniquely insular.
My heart, does me no good most days, It chatters onward and in most ways, Leaves me stranded in the sight of fear,   My head, is doesn’t do me well,
Dear Anxiety, A, Fuck you. B, I'm so tired of it. I just want to be free of you. The feelings of not doing enough, being enough.
And so it began, back then. I close my eyes, remember, I dream, I forget. Swirling though this space encased with brittle bone. Wanders the essence of myself,
2016 was my year of discovery and it wasn't just discovering friends or anything superficial like that not to say that friends are superficial but anyways 2016 was the year i started discovering
Maybe I write because I like the feel of it. The click of the keys All the power of a God on a blank page The uninhibited command held in my fingers and my mind Except I fumble over the language I speak
I spend my nights driving And I don’t have my license Not even my permit But I spend my nights driving My soul rises out of its apparatus And it drives all night And into the morning
Love and pain. Loss and gain. New paths to take. Old friends again. Mother and father to hold your hand. An ex-best friend to take your man. A heart to break and a heart to have.
You never really cared, you just kept trudgin through all the blank stares. Got lost in the numbers, in the crowd was despair. We never really exactly knew what we learned,
It shouldn't matter what color, clothes, or how we look.
A glimpse of another life can ruin youDreaming can create the most excruciating heartbreak  I had always been told not to put all of my eggs in one basketNot to count the chickens before they hatched
    Remember...   The time I mistook indigestion for a baby, and the eyelashes on my cheeks for the end of the world.   When I thought as I traded knitted caps for rain hats,
Life, Like the desert, Is bleak and harsh, Showing no mercy for those Who walk through it.   And yet if a man Can find it in himself, To look more closely at the desert
Wooden Dolls
as i sit here in this bed with millions of thoughts going through my head most of them filled with dread others i wish they were gone but instead they sit here in their own little bubble not causing any trouble physically i mean but mentally their
  Remove from me this veil that hides the reflection of my soul. As the grey ivy cloaks the mirror, my knife escapes me. The wolf inside me howls for air. My amber heart cannot live in such bondage.
Today I don’t exist. I’ll be the sound of the falling tree that no one hears I’ll be alone all day and won’t take a thing away from the world Because today I don’t exist.
i simply wish to speak without a curse holding me back i dream of letting words come out from the inside out without a trail of tears following falling from my eyes as if they were the skies
She sits. She breathes. She stares. Bedroom Window Incessant Rain Soft Greys Cloud-full skies Withering Trees Emptiness…
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