The road not taken,

The path that I thought lead me,


yet, here I am.

here, I’ll stand—

my heart in my hand,

my soul attached by strings,

my mind tacked by tape and glue—

wishing this won’t end.

baby, I’m so seasick.

this dreamlike state—

an unparalleled reality—

I’m living.


to have lost.

to have gained.

my heart is still on fire—

a burn—fizzled but ignited by


this you: is me.

This me: we.


I have looked.

Fearfully—suffocation of thick air,

frosted glass eyes,

and a crumbled consciousness—

I scoured the trails of the earth,




universes that weren’t mine.

my nightmares

swallowing those child-like, desolate dreams;

I’ll clutch on forever.

history had a way of stitching

broken seams—the seal of eternity,

a feeling:

Please don’t clip my wings.”


You are my light.

This universe of mine;

Is (you)niverse.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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